How to Attract a Woman in 3 Seconds

What is the 3 second rule? It is a time rule, also known as the “Mystery Method” set encourage a man to approach a woman fast enough to keep his “inner voice” from talking him out of it. The longer he hesitates the better the chances are his “inner voice” will win out. Also, the extra time adds more pressure on a man and encourages nervousness. This also gives the woman time to size up the man. First impressions are important. The awkwardness a man feels may show and cause the woman to not be interested enough to even speak to him.

How does a man attract a woman? This can be done by the man being interesting and different than all the other singles out there. This means he either needs to be “pre-existing” interesting or do something or act in a way to grab her attention and keep it. If he is in a setting where there are many men then he will need to be even more uniquely interesting.

Using the 3 second rule, a man can’t wait for eye contact or for the woman to notice him or for an opportunity to present itself. When he sees a woman he likes, he will need find the courage and just go right up to her. He can’t forget about the first impression rule though, it counts. If her first impression of him is that he’s a spontaneous and confident man, then most likely her feelings of him will be positive and upbeat. When her reception of him is a positive one the man will find himself feeling more in control and at ease.

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