How To Avoid Being Stalked

In today’s busy, high-tech world, the dating scene has changed dramatically. Most people work 40 hours or more each week, leaving little time to meet new singles. Therefore, individuals are using dating services, personal ads, and online dating more than ever. There are many things to consider before submitting an ad to the personals. This new dating behavior has sparked a new kind of cyber stalker. What is stalking? Statistics show females do become stalking victims more often than men. Women should familiarize themselves with stalking facts.

Allowing a stranger into one’s life always poses certain risks. People should never meet a stranger alone. The last thing most people want to create is a stalker in their lives. Placing personals can be hazardous to your life. There are certain precautions individuals must take to ensure their personal safety, when looking for that special someone to enhance their lives. Statistics show 25% of college women have been stalked through the Internet.

First, never use your real last name. There are programs on the Internet where you just enter a person’s full name and a map to their house pops up. This is very dangerous not only for women but men also. With the Internet, stalkers can find anyone. Some sites even give you a map to the front door. If seekers are single parents, they’re putting their children in danger as well as themselves.

Second, do not tell a stranger the city you live in. It is far too easy to enter a person’s name and city into programs to find them. People who do this are making themselves vulnerable. There have been many stalkers to show up on door steps.

Furthermore, share what’s going on with friends and family. Your friends and family are your safety net. If you have people that know where you’re going, what you’re doing, and who you’re meeting, you’ll have backup for safety. Do not meet strangers by yourself. Take a friend or many friends with you to meet this person.

Online dating can make sense and save a lot of time. Most singles don’t want to hang out at bars to find a true love. And not all singles attend church for the opportunity to meet ‘good’ people. So, more and more singles are turning to the Internet for dating services. There have been many success stories with online dating. Everyday there are more success stories from dating services.

However, there have also been many incidents of violence and murder, since people have been exposing all on the Internet in hopes of meeting their needs. These Ads have ranged from babysitting Ads to personal Ads. One example would be the Craigslist murder of Katherine Olson who was responding to a babysitting Ad. Unknowingly, she played right into the hands of killer Michael Anderson. This could have been avoided if Katherine would have met Anderson in a public place. Again, in response to a Craigslist ad, Julissa Brisman was led to her murderer, Philip Markoff. Another site posting that resulting in tragedy was Marni Kay Yang had a post here. Yang posted an Ad on She is accused of killing Rhoni Reuter and her unborn child in a fit of jealous rage. All individuals should practice safety when meeting strangers.

All of these accused criminals were allowed to intrude in the personal lives of innocent victims, resulting in death. If you feel like a situation, person, or relationship is getting out of control, share your feelings with people who care about you. Many states have implemented stalking laws. Look up the laws on stalking for your state.

It is imperative for singles to be educated about stalkers. There are certain red flags to pay attention to concerning stalkers. The laws on stalking vary from state to state. How do you know you're being stalked? Make sure you’re informed about your state laws. Most of all follow your gut feeling. Your inner guide can tell you if you should trust a person or not. Follow your inner voice. And if you’re already a victim of stalking, get help!

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