How Virtual Affairs Relate To Real Life Relationships

Dating and relationships are not always easy, they take lots of hard work and commitment to be successful. Healthy and successful relationships are built on a foundation of trust. If you lose your partner's trust, it can be a very difficult thing to earn back. One of the biggest trust issues in relationships is cheating. Cheating is difficult to forgive and may ultimately end a relationship, but different people have different opinions on what is considering cheating. Did you cheat if you kissed someone else, or gave someone your phone number? How about if you began playing an online game and had a virtual affair?

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With technology constantly improving, there are more and more virtual games available, some where you can even create a whole life in a virtual world. These games allow you to create a character, called an avatar, and even interact with other characters, and most people that play the games have never actually laid eyes on each other. More and more often people are getting caught up in virtual games, even to the point where they start to believe it is their real life and the people in the games are their real friends. Many of the virtual games available even allow avatars to have an intimate relationship but if your avatar is cheating, does that mean that you are?

According to polls and research many people think that having a relationship in a virtual game can be considered cheating. Some people become too involved in their virtual lives, and begin skipping out on real life activities in favor of their game. If you get so involved in your online life that you begin to neglect your significant other, it can lead to real life relationship trouble. Becoming too involved in your game can cause a real lack of trust in your real life relationship.

Virtual games don't necessarily cause people to cheat on their spouses or significant others. Often times the people that begin relationships in these virtual worlds due so to escape the problems they are already having in real life. Regardless of the reason for your actions, it is never a good idea to cheat, whether online or in the real world. If you are having trouble in your relationship it is best to be honest, and try to work out your problems before you turn to someone else, whether it be a real person or an avatar.

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