Husband Battering: Men and Domestic Violence

Recent studies have found that as many as 800,000 men are the victim of domestic abuse every year in the United States alone. This number has been on the rise for the last decade as more men stepped forward and were willing to admit their abuse. The number is much smaller than women who were abused, but still a significant amount. This includes both straight and gay men.

The problem with male domestic abuse is that there’s still a stigma surrounding the issue. People tend to believe that men can control themselves in the situation and that the only men who are abused are the ones who aren’t willing to stand up for themselves. There’s a belief that if a man were a real man, he could stop the abuse. Unfortunately this isn’t necessarily the case. However it does make it difficult for some men to step forward and admit that they’ve been abused.

Male domestic abuse is rare, but not as rare as some people might think or believe. While the number of battered woman is over a million cases a year, there are still a large number of men suffering from abuse themselves. These men are often hesitant to come forward because they worry about how others will perceive them. As the issue becomes more common place and talked about more, perhaps more men will be encouraged to come forward and admit their problems.

More comprehensive resources on male domestic abuse include :

Male Abuse : examines the characteristics of men who are prone to abusive relationships.

Male Victims of Domestic Violence : offers support and ways for men to identify whether they’re in an abusive relationship.

Domestic Abuse : offers resources for men who are the victims of domestic abuse.

Battered Men :details stories of men who were abused by their spouse or partner.

Problems Domestic Violence : examines the problems associated with male domestic abuse.

Male Victims of Domestic Abuse : offers general information and statistics on male domestic abuse.

How Sexual Abuse Affects Males : looks at the sexual abuse of men and what it means in later life.

Homosexual Domestic Violence : offers statistics on the abuse of men in gay relationships.

Major Scientific Study Examines Domestic Violence Among Gay Men : shows that gay men are just as likely to be the victim of domestic abuse.

Domestic Violence in the Homosexual Community : offers statistics on domestic violence in homosexual relationships.

Homosexual Couples and Domestic Violence : shows the likelihood of gay males being abused while in a relationship.

There are other resources available as well such as About Domestic Violence Against Men, which offers statistics on these cases and Male Victims of Domestic Abuse, which examines the link between male and female abuse. About Male Victims of Domestic Abuse shows the connection between dating and male abuse, while the American Bar Association offers statistics on male domestic abuse.

Statistics on Domestic Violence gives up to date statistics on males in these relationships and Information on Male Victims of Domestic Violence offers even more facts on this problem. Real life stories of those who were abused are detailed at Male Domestic Violence Survivors Come Out of the Shadows and Males as Victims shows why men are so afraid to admit their abuse. A full list of research studies into this type of abuse were compiled by California State University and the Family Researc Institute detailed the myths and legend surrounding this type of abuse.

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