I Have Two Mommy's

As the world and society evolves every day, lesbian women are becoming much more known to society. While there is still debate and criticism to the practice of lesbianism, it has generally become a topic and issue that many agree with. As lesbian partners choose to spend their lives together, the issue of children has also come up. Since being in a non-traditional relationship can take quite a toll on the couple, it may be more so on any children involved. However, as with anything, there are ways to make the transition smoother for all of those who are involved.

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An online dating service is one easy way for lesbians to meet and get to know each other. For many people, dating is hard to do, and even more so when you are a lesbian. It may be hard to find the right person when you are unsure of the sexual orientation of the women around you. Getting set up on an online dating service is a great way to find someone who may share your likes, dislikes, views and more. You can easily view hundreds of potential dates, talk online and get to know someone before an actual date. An online dating site can be a very safe place to get to know someone, talk on the phone, and then meet up for a date.

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A lesbian couple in a long-term, committed relationship may decide to bring children into the world. Or, one or both of the women may have a child from a previous relationship. Whatever the case, the issue of parenting will be a prevalent one, especially when the child or children have two mothers instead of a traditional mom and dad. However, as with all relationships, a balance can be achieved between the two women and children, and a child of this relationship can grow up just like those from a heterosexual relationship.

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The gay and lesbian communities are continually making great strides in the promotion and awareness of their community. In a world where children may have two mothers, it is important to know what you are getting into as a gay couple. No matter what who the parents are, a child living with lesbian parents can grow up well adjusted and happy.

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