Love Letters

Love letters are the epitome of romance, but they can also be the object of ridicule if proper planning isn’t involved. A successful love letter must come from the heart. It must be personal, sensitive, honest, sincere, and caring. Plan ahead when writing a love letter. Practice writing your ideas on a piece of scrap paper or type it out. When it comes time to write the final letter, handwrite it with a nice pen on specialty paper. Presentation is key. Never, ever hand your loved one a typed letter on white paper. Love letters are not business letters—they are something to be cherished for many years. The opening and closing sets the tone for your entire letter. Don’t use an intimate greeting if you’re writing a letter to someone you barely know. Use your relationship status to judge which greeting to use. In the body of the letter, write out specific details about your lover: why you fell in love with her, how your life has changed for the better, what you admire about her, and her greatest strengths. People love to be complimented, so make sure to describe what you love about this person—just don’t overdo it. Also, reminisce about how you first met and what you did on your first dates. Always remember to be sincere. Don’t just tell that special someone what she wants to hear—tell her how you truly feel. End the letter with a sensitive salutation. Look over your entire letter and make sure you haven’t misspelled any words and that your letter isn’t too casual, funny, or erotic. Before you begin, read some articles about the logistics of writing love letters:

  • Library Online features a section on how to write love letters, offering a wide selection of love letter templates.
  • offers straightforward advice on how to write a love letter.
  • Freelance writer Mark Dovel discusses love letter etiquette on CyberParent.

Become inspired by looking over love letter collections:

  • 300 Love Letters is a project started by a woman, Asia Wong, who wrote 300 (actually 400) love letters to people she knew. She sent letters to crushes, lovers, strangers, and acquaintances.
  • contains a collection of user-submitted love letters.

Put your heart and soul into what you write and your letter is sure to be cherished by your significant other. Unlike with other types of writing, you don't have to know perfect grammar or how to write in AP Style to compose a love letter. All you need is love and honesty.

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