Lying To Girls...Is It Ok or Not?

Most, if not all people have lied at some point in there lives but is it okay for a guy to lie to a girl if it might help his chances with her? In order to answer this question you have to know what constitutes a lie which can be hard because often times different people have different opinions on what lying is. A lie is defined as a false statement which is made with the intent to deceive someone. People often lie to avoid punishment, spare someone's feelings, or maintain a secret, and while some lies are minor others can be much more serious. Regardless of the severity of or reason for a lie, is it okay to lie to someone just to get them to date you?

Most people would agree that if you are in a serious relationship, it is not a good idea to lie. Serious relationships are built on a foundation of trust and it is difficult to trust someone after they lie to you but there may be some exceptions. If your girlfriend asks you if ugly or fat, you are probably going to say no if you care about the girl and want to spare her feelings. Your girlfriend will want to hear that she is thin and beautiful so in this instance its okay to tell a white lie (a minor lie used to avoid offense), but what about telling a small lie to a girl to get her phone number, for instance, telling a girl that you are 21 years old when your 21st birthday isn't for another six months. Lots of times men, and women alike, will tell small lies about themselves in order to impress someone.

While little white lies might be okay if they are used to spare someone's feelings, if you lie for any other reason chances are you will have to come clean at some point. If you lie to a girl you are trying to date and things actually work out, then comes the hard part. Remember that trust is the most important part of a successful relationship, so if you really care about someone you need to come clean about those little lies you told at the beginning of your relationship and hopefully your new girlfriend will be understanding and able to forgive and forget.

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