Mae West: Sex Symbol

In the 1930s Mae West was known as a sex symbol of the cinema. Through her career she wrote and acted in productions that were sexually charged, making her a favorite target of the censors in the early twentieth century. In short, the sexual allure that Mae West communicated to men onscreen guaranteed that she would never have a problem dating anyone that she wanted.

Mae West was born Mary Jane West in August of 1893. Her birthplace was Brooklyn, New York where she lived with her father, Jack, who was a boxer and mother, Matilda, who once designed corsets for a living. Mae showed natural talent as a dancer and singer at an early age. After winning her first dance contest at the age of seven, Mae's heart was set on becoming a performer. Vaudeville was to be Mae's first taste of professional show business. She worked in vaudeville through her teen years learning the ways to impress an audience with seductive song, comedic and dance performances. In the early 1920s she wrote and acted in a play entitled Sex. Though the play ran successfully for about a year, Mae West served several days in jail on an obscenity violation brought on by some of the content in her play. Despite her arrest, Mae continued to write and act in her own plays much to the appreciation of her audiences. However, by 1932 this experienced Broadway playwright and actress was ready to take on the role of cinema sex symbol.

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The performances of Mae West are filled with quotes that are still floating around in today's culture. In the early twentieth century a strict code of decency regarding the material in films was enforced by the Hayes office in Hollywood. Many of the lines that Mae West wrote for her film characters had double meanings. They were sexual in nature while still being funny and ultimately acceptable to the Hayes office. One example of a Mae West film quote with a double meaning is, "Why don't you come up and see me some time?" This Mae West quote is from a film entitled She Done Him Wrong. She is speaking to the character played by Cary Grant. Reading between the lines she is inviting him to her place for a sexual encounter. In 1933, audiences were shocked at her aggressive behavior. Another Mae West quote, "When I'm good, I'm very good. When I'm bad, I'm better." She is definitely communicating through this quote that she cares nothing about the rules of proper conduct regarding the accepted behavior of women. She makes her own rules. Finally, a quote by Mae West to a police officer, "Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?" The double meaning of this quote refers both to his sexual anatomy and to the gun he is carrying.

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Through the 1920s, '30s and beyond, Mae West expressed herself creatively in a way that pushed aside society's accepted rules of behavior for women. Yet despite all of the controversy that surrounded the work of Mae West, audiences continued to crowd into theaters wondering what she would be up to in her next production.

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