Make Out Tips

Kissing sometimes seems like the easiest thing in the world, but it’s not always that way. Some people, even the more experienced kissers need some make out tips and advice to spice things up. Here are some tips that even online dating fans can use when meeting someone

The first thing to look at is positioning, which not only applies to the positioning of the face and lips, but the hands as well. The right position of the hands can even let the other person know a kiss is coming, or give them the go ahead to make the first move. Holding someone’s hand softly, brushing back their hair, touching their cheek or touching their hand is a good first move. As the kiss progresses, running a hand through the other person’s hair can make you feel closer than ever.

Now comes the positioning of the lips. Anyone who has ever tried to kiss with both partner’s facing each other head on, knows that this doesn’t work and typically feels a little awkward. The best thing to do is tilt your face slightly to one side so your lips are angled. This provides more coverage and makes the kiss feel even better.

Then you have to worry about technique. Technique applies to the way in which the person uses their lips and tongue. Technique needs to be changed to better fit the partner since not all people kiss the same way. Start out by gently kissing the other person and slowly letting that kiss grow in terms of intensity. Running your lower lip along the bottom of their lip or gently pulling on their lower lip can also be a big turn on.

There are also some deal breakers or things not to do when kissing. The biggest thing is to not use too much tongue or too much force. The other person will let you know if something’s wrong by pulling back or stopping the kiss. Using too much slobber can also ruin the mood and turn off the other person.

Sometimes kissers have to deal with a substantial height difference as well. The best thing to do is limit the height difference by kissing while sitting down like on a couch or at a table. Couples can also try raising up one partner by standing on a step or set of stairs. The shorter person can also try standing on their tiptoes while the taller partner bends down slightly.

Practice makes perfect and that applies to kissing as well. The only way to really get better at kissing is to practice and this does mean kissing more than one person, or just kissing one person multiple times. Kissing on your hand or a pillow can also help ensure that you don’t use too much tongue or drool too much, which can be a turn off.

Of course no one wants to kiss a person who has bad breath, so keeping your breath fresh is always a good thing. Practicing proper hygiene and brushing and flossing before a big date can help. It’s also helpful to skip stinky foods during dinner such as garlic bread and anything that might get stuck in the teeth. Using a piece of gum or a breath mint can also help aid with bad breath.

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