Mark the Date: Get Back on Track with Your Health, Men.

Prevention and Screenings:

  • Mayoclinic: Men's Health: Preventing the Top 7 Threats: Mayoclinic offers pertinent information regarding the prevention and screening of the top 7 threats to men's health, including heart disease, cancer, motor accidents, chronic lower respiratory diseases, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and suicide. Taking the proper preventative measures to curtailing the top 7 threats will empower men to take control of their life.
  • Agency of Health Care Research and Quality: Men: Stay Healthy at 50+: The U.S. Department of Health and Services offers valuable advice to men that wish to stay healthy after the age of 50, such as the recommended daily steps to good health, immunizations, screening test information, and a screening test form to take to a physician that will help assess each individual's health status.
  • Women's Screening Test and Immunization Guidelines for Men (PDF): This table presents pertinent health information that addresses screening tests and immunizations for men. It should serve as a guide to follow when evaluating one's health according to each individual's age, weight and height.
  • Healthy Delawareans with Disabilities: Men's Health: A resource addressing the importance of men's health for disabled individuals. This article provides valuable resources to help bridge the gap and live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Men's Health: An overall assessment to preventing and screening disease in men. The Center for Disease and Control Prevention offers pertinent information that could help men conduct, track, and take action against disease invading their bodies and lives.
  • The American Academy of Family Physicians: Men's Health (PDF): A comprehensive document covering every aspect to helping men reclaim their vitality and well-being. It offers extensive knowledge, recommendations, and resources to assess and conduct screenings and prevention methods to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Yale Medical Group: Prevention Guidelines for Men Aged 50-64: An extensive guideline covering screening time limits and screening recommendations for men afflicted or potentially afflicted with disease.
  • Healthy Life Tips for Men (PDF): An extensive document detailing important life tips for men looking to main a healthy lifestyle. Some tips include: eating healthy, staying smoke-free, getting routine health-screenings, managing stress, and exercising precaution while doing daily activities.


Obesity in Men:

  • MSNBC: Obesity Linked to Low Testosterone in Men: Over forty percent of overweight men surveyed had low than normal testosterone readings. MSNBC presents statistical data to raise the awareness of a low-testosterone to obesity ratio.
  • WebMD: Causes of Obesity in Men: An authoritative resource addressing the various causes behind obesity in men, including genetic factors, immoderate food proportions, and overeating and inactivity issues.
  • National Institutes of Health: Obesity in Men Linked to Infertility: Men with an increased body mass index (BMI) had a significantly higher chance of also having a higher infertility rate than men with a lower BMI. The National Institutes of Health organization discovered an intriguing link between obesity and infertility in men.
  • Rice University: The Stigmatization of Obesity in Men (PDF): An extensive report covering the stigmatization of obese women and the double-standard imposed from a society that places less emphasis on the obesity of men.
  • Harvard University: Obesity Takes an Extra Toll on Men's Health and Sexuality: Obese men have more to contend with than just excess body weight. In fact, research shows that obesity in men lowers testosterone, increases erectile dysfunction, lowers fertility, increases the chance of developing kidney stones, enlarged prostate, and prostate cancer.
  • Patients Medical: Types of Male Obesity: Male obesity comes in a variety of classifications, including simple obesity, secondary obesity, android obesity, gynoid obesity, and an obesity that engulfs the entire human body. This article also lists the causes, risk factors, and conventional treatments associated with the different types of male obesity.
  • Obesity: Characteristics of Men with Persistent Thinness: An intensive overview on the persistence of men who do not have to deal with obesity, including silhouettes, smoking and eating behaviors, personality variables, diagnostic interviews, and statistical analysis.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections:

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