Marriage Publications and Resources

Marriage and divorce are very serious topics that can have a major impact on a person's life. It is very important that people become educated about marriage and divorce as soon as they engage in dating so they can prepare themselves for the challenges these relationships may bring in the future.

10 Things Teens Should Know About Marriage

· The Dibbles Institute offers an extensive amount of information on what teens need to know about marriage.

· Ten Things Teens Should Know About Marriage is a list of the ten most important things for teens to realize about marriage before getting involved.

Why Men Won't Commit

· CBS News shares an in depth report on why men won't commit and why being a “perpetual bachelor” seems to be in these days.

· Brent Morrison shares information from Rutgers University on why men won't commit to a serious relationship or marriage. .

Divorce Rates

· Divorce Rates provides data on the divorce rates in America.

· Divorce Reform shows statistics on the rate of divorce in America and offers advice on how to stop these rates from continuing to climb.

The Future of Marriage

· Harvard Magazine offers its thoughts and opinions on the future of marriage.

· The National Review Online shares what it believes to be the future of marriage.

Why Marriage is Healthy

· The University of Maryland at Baltimore shows the qualities of a healthy marriage.

· The National Marriage Resource Center is an excellent resource for those trying to work on their marriages.

· Federal Occupational Health offers a LifeCare Guide on Healthy Marriage.

· Ohio State University offers 10 indicators of a healthy marriage .

Divorce and Marriage Myths

· Discovery Health offers 10 Marriage Myths .

· Discovery Health offers 10 Divorce Myths.

The Benefits of Marriage

· Academia shares an interesting report on the benefits of marriage.

· Family Dynamics shares the benefits of marriage for men, women, children, and society.

· Pysch Central discusses the health benefits of marriage.

How to meet someone and find a soul mate

· Article Blast shares information on how to meet someone and find a soul mate .

Marriage Decline in America

· Rutgers shows a report on the decline of Marriage in America.

Sex Without Strings

· Rutgers shows a report on sex without strings and “relationships without rings.”

All of the above resources will help people who want to learn more about dating, marriage, divorce, and relationships. There are many different misconceptions about marriage, divorce, dating services, serious relationships, and even sex without strings that should be addressed before getting involved.

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