Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene is the most well-known female disciple of Jesus Christ. She is known as the “Apostle of Apostles” because she was the first person to witness the resurrection of Christ. Today, Mary Magdalene is regarded as a saint by the Roman Catholics, and a feast day is held in her honor on the 22nd of July every year.

Mary Magdalene originated from the district of Magdala, which was located close to the Sea of Galilee. Her parents were descended from a noble bloodline; some people even said that they were descendants of King David. Magdalene lived with her parents, her brother Lazarus, and her sister Martha in the Magdalon castle. After her father passed away, his riches and lands were divided among Magdalene and her siblings. Lazarus decided to join the military, and Martha was preoccupied with managing her inheritance. Magdalene, on the other hand, spent her fortune lavishly, and her extravagance earned her the nickname “the sinner”.

Martha was displeased with Magdalene’s extravagant lifestyle, and she advised her to listen to the sermons of Jesus Christ. Magdalene followed her sister’s advice, and she was so touched by the words of Christ that she decided to become one of his followers. Christ cast out seven demons that possessed her, and she became a totally new person. Later on, when Christ visited Simon the Pharisee, Magdalene went with him, and she washed his feet with her tears, wiped them with her hair, and then, kissed and applied ointment on them. In response, Christ told her that all her sins were forgiven.

Magdalene soon became a very devoted follower of Christ. She traveled with Christ and provided financial support for his ministry. When Christ was crucified in Calvary , she wept at the feet of the cross until his body was taken down. On the day that Christ was resurrected, Magdalene was the first to see him outside the tomb, and she announced the news of his resurrection to the other disciples.

After the resurrection of Christ, Magdalene paid a visit to Emperor Tiberias to reveal to him that Christ had risen from the dead. She presented an egg to him, as a symbol of new life. Tiberias said it is as impossible for someone to return from the dead as the egg in her hand turning red. As soon as he said that, the egg miraculously turned red. Tiberias was so convinced that he sent Pilate, the man who sentenced Christ to crucifixion, to Gaul, where he died of a horrible illness. Later on, Magdalene retreated to the cliffs and spent the rest of her life in solitude.

According to some sources, Magdalene revealed to certain people that she was married to Christ and she was bearing his child when he passed away, but nobody could confirm that this was true. However, records in the bible provide good support for this speculation . The bible did not mention the names of the bride and groom at the Cana wedding, but it seems that Christ was behaving like a groom during the wedding. He was giving orders to the servants, which was not necessary if he was only a guest. Furthermore, his mother, Mary, actually told the servants to follow his orders. Magdalene was also the most affected person when Christ passed away. Her weeping during the crucifixion and her waiting at the tomb were somewhat similar to the reactions of a grieving spouse .

During the time of Christ, very few Jewish men were bachelors, because being a bachelor meant that a person was not obeying the first divine commandment, which was to “be fruitful and multiply”. However, it is implied in the bible that Christ was married to the Church, which was the nation of Israel, and his responsibility as a savior of mankind did not allow him to marry a mortal woman. It is highly believable that Christ and Magdalene were two respectable singles who regarded each other as brother and sister in God’s family.

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