Master the Art of Dance

Master the Art of Dance

Television shows like "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Dancing with the Stars" have shined a new spotlight on the art of dance. As the popularity of dance increases, more styles are represented and new levels of interest are piqued. Dancing is for people of all shapes and sizes, not only professionals on stage and screen. It is beneficial to heath, confidence and can instill a sense of discipline and achievement in those who learn the steps.

Types of Dances

Ballroom Dancing Information by James Marshall provides an overview of the two major styles of ballroom dancing, International and American, how to identify each and the steps involved.

A Short History of Tango by James Stewart of the Edinburgh Tango Society: Stewart provides a chronology of the dance from its roots in Buenos Aires to its introduction in Paris. He also makes tango music, book and film recommendations.

Latin American Music and Dance: Styles including salsa, merengue and rumba are defined, and influences that brought about the music they are danced to are outlined.

Latin Dance Styles: Cha-cha, samba, mambo and cumbia are identified by their countries of origin.

History of the Hip-Hop Dance Scene in Japan: The evolution of Japan’s hip-hop dance scene is dissected, including its early development and important figures in Japanese hip-hop.

The Hip Hop Movement: Hip-hop's history, cultural significance and lyrics analyses are included in this primer from the College of New Jersey.

Tap Dance – A Brief History: Tap dance styles, legendary tap dancers and the evolution of the style in which sound is as important as movement.

History of Ballet: Early, romantic and 20th century ballet styles are discussed and major dancers and choreographers are recounted.

New York’s American Ballet Theater: One of the largest dance companies in the world, ABT strives to celebrate ballet from the past and showcases new works from up-and-coming choreographers and dancers.

The Early Modern Dance: An interactive portrait of the history of modern dancing in the United States that introduces important figures in the dance world at that time.

Brief History of Jazz and Musical Theater Dance: Jazz and styles used in theatrical productions are broken down to their origins in the ‘20s, ‘30s and ‘40s. Icons in the styles are also examined.

Troupe Hopes to Dispel Stereotypes About Ancient Dance: Yale belly dancers shed new light on the Middle Eastern dance and hope to break the stereotype that it is adult oriented.

Bollywood at the Gym: The dance that rose to popularity because of the film Slumdog Millionaire is now being taught in New York gyms.

Square Dancing 101: The multi-partner dance is broken down into its core steps with examples, concepts movements and a glossary.

Mathematics of Square Dancing: A North Central College professor incorporates square dancing into one of his courses as a means to help students visualize abstract mathematical concepts.

What is English Country Dancing?: This traditional folk dance has existed for several hundred years with movements based on a simple walking or skipping step.

Find Dance Classes/Instruction

How To Get Started as a Social Ballroom Dancer: USA Dance’s guide on how to find a local dance chapter and what to do to be accepted into local dance culture.

Dance Colleges and Universities: U.S. College Search provides a database of 1,442 colleges and universities that teach dance. Often, classes for non-students are offered in various dance styles.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Argentine Tango Club: Classes at various levels are open to the general public and emphasize connection, comfort and musicality. For most classes, students do not need to have a partner to register and instructors have dancers switch with one another to give students a broad range of partner experience.

Online Dance Instruction

University of Oklahoma Dancesport Club’s Online Dance Studio: Videos are available that show three styles of the lindy hop as well as the waltz and foxtrot.

Dance TV: A collection of ballroom dancing videos and online instructions for the Waltz, Foxtrot and Swing dance styles.

Dance Supplies

Information on Ballroom Dancing Shoes: An overview of the three basic ballroom dancing shoes for men and women that includes resources for purchasing them online.

What to Bring to a Dancing Competition: A detailed outline of items to bring when participating in a dance competition that covers particular items for both men and women.

Guidelines for Supplies and Equipment: This educational supplies recommendation presented by the California Dance Education Association includes things a dance program will need with a focus on technology.

Yale Belly Dance Society: The university’s club provides recommended vendors for belly dancing supplies including veils, and Indian and Egyptian costumes.

Dance Etiquette

Elements of Dance Etiquette by Aria Nosratinia: Dancing etiquette is laid out in detail from how to decline a dance to ensuring a partner’s satisfaction.

General Tips and Social Graces: This dancing etiquette guide discusses topics from personal hygiene to where to look while dancing.

Additional Resources

Dancing Your Way to Better Health: Ballroom dancing is a high-energy activity that can help some beginning dancers lose weight and stimulate brain heath, increasing the changes of warding off dementia.

Dating Site: Find the perfect dance partner

National Endowment for the Arts: Dancers can apply for grants and receive funding for their artistic endeavors.

A Career Guide for Dance Majors: The University of Texas explains the skills dance students can use in their future jobs. The guide offers possible positions, companies that hire dance majors and what qualities are important for finding employment.

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