Mature Sexuality

Becoming older means seeing changes in everything from personality to physical appearance. They also experience changes in their sexuality, which especially affects those in married or dating relationships. It also has an impact on those who previously had a healthy sex life and those who want to continue having one. There are a number of different issues surrounding this one simple concept.

Normal Changes

When a person reaches a certain age, typically around 60, they begin to notice some common changes. Not everyone experiences the same changes, but they are perfectly common. Some mature adults for example experience a lack of enthusiasm regarding sex. They notice that they don’t have the same feelings or enjoyment that they once had for sex.

This usually comes about because of two reasons depending on their gender. Men experience impotence or the inability to get and sustain an erection for short periods of time. Women experience vaginal drying, which makes sex difficult and sometimes painful. These problems cause the individual to dislike pain because of the emotional and physical effects the act causes.

Causes of Problems

There are a few reasons why these problems come about. The first involves diseases and conditions that make sex painful or difficult. Arthritis for example causes swelling of the joints and tendons. It makes sexual intercourse difficult because as the body moves and twists, it causes pain. Issues such as diabetes and incontinence can also effect sex drive and possible cause impotence.

When individuals reach a certain age, their likelihood for having a stroke increases. A stroke is one of the leading causes of sexual problems in the elderly. It causes them to lose their motor functions and in some cases makes sex impossible. If the stroke is severe, men are usually unable to have sexual intercourse because they can’t sustain an erection.

Options Available

Those experiencing sexual problems have options available to them. Some prefer using prescription drugs such as Viagra. These drugs help males get and sustain an erection. There are also surgical options such as a vasectomy for men or a hysterectomy for women. Their doctor can fully explain the changes commonly experienced after a surgical procedure. Anyone with sexual problems can also seek treatment in the form of therapy, which helps address any underlying issues they might have.

Resources on the topic include:

It's very common for the elderly to have difficulties in regards to sexual problems. When it comes to finding a new partner, they want someone who wants the same things out of life, particular a healthy sex life. This becomes harder as they get older and people experience worse problems. Those who seek treatment and use the options available have a better chance of having a healthy sex life.

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