Mental Health and Mental Illness Resources

Maintaining mental health is just as important as maintaining physical health. A healthy mind not only increases life expectancy, it ensures a richer quality of life. A healthy mental state provides the tools needed to effectively handle the stresses of everyday life. Laughter, involvement in hobbies, volunteering, working with charitable organizations, exercise, and challenging the mind with puzzles or games can all help maintain a healthy mind.

No matter what type of activities pursued, a mental illness of some kind can strike anyone. Some mental disorders, such as depression, may be temporary or can become chronic. Mental illness can be inherited or caused by a chemical imbalance. Stress and life events may become overwhelming, causing depression or panic attacks. Victims of mental illnesses and their families need to learn all they can about mental disorders so they can find ways to cope with their illness and obtain the proper treatment. Below are some mental health resources:

General Mental Health Issues

Children's Mental Health

Mental Health in the Elderly

Mental Illness in the Family

 Anxiety Disorders



Substance Abuse


Other Mental Illnesses

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