My First Time Female 15 Ireland


Female • 15 • Ireland

I had only visited Ireland once before in my life. I was six years old, visiting with my mother's side of the family. My grandparents' closest friends, the Walshes, were with us a lot of the time, and my sisters and I played with their only son, Brennan.

Nine years later, we returned to Ireland for my youngest cousin's wedding. A lot had changed over those nine years — I'd learned to tame my wiry red hair, and I'd discovered the wonders of mascara. But, being a ginger, I looked unnatural wearing too much makeup, so when I was around my grandparents, I kept my look as bare as I could shy of looking like my six-year-old self again.

I recognized Brennan's voice at once — the same accent, but it was so much deeper.

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