Online Guide to Tango, Charleston and Other Styles of Dance

Dancing is a big part of many cultures and heritages; and each is very unique to the factors that have impacted it. Dancing creates intimacy and allows the dancers to communicate regardless of language, creating bridges that span generations. It is through these dances that people can express themselves and enjoy the community formed by movement and rhythm. Learn more about some of the most popular and storied dance styles, how they developed, and the moves they utilize.


Dancing Online: A History of Ballet - This page offers a basic history of ballet and how it has developed, dating back as early as the Renaissance.

Russian Ballet: Russian dancers and choreographers have delighted audiences and art lovers for decades. Use this resource to learn more about the evolution of the Russian ballet and how it has contributed to the art of dance.

The History of Modern Dance: Often associated with later interpretations of ballet, modern dance may be considered an offshoot of ballet and, in many ways, is the antithesis of ballet tradition.

Ballet Moves and Terms: This is a brief list of some of the key terms used in ballet. This is a great starting point for people interested in dance to grasp basic terminology.

Basic Ballet Positions: Ballet begins with some basic positions that can then be the basis for more involved sequences and ultimately productions. Here are the ballet positions one needs to know.


Tap Dancing History and Important Figures: This overview of tap dancing and some of the dancers that made the art form famous provides some good background information.

Tap Evolution and Related Forms of Dance: Tap has been influenced by several different forms of dance. Subsequently, it has also influenced other popular forms of dance and movement. This page provides basic tap information and ties in different dances related to tap.

Basic Tap Tutorial: There are specific tap steps that must be mastered in order to succeed. Provided is a quick tutorial for some of the basic tap steps.

The Legends of Tap: These tapping superstars danced their way into the hearts of millions and continue to influence the tap dancers of today.

Tap Steps, Combinations, and Theory: A detailed document featuring insight into the structure and mechanics of tap dancing.


Jazz Terminology: Learn the terms and vocabulary needed to communicate regarding jazz dancing with this comprehensive list.

Jazz Origins: Learn about the early history of jazz dancing and how it has grown into a cultural phenomenon.

Fast Facts About Jazz: These facts are as sharp as the footwork executed by skilled jazz dancers. Learn more about jazz and its evolution.

Jazz History and Basic Steps: Learn about the history behind jazz dancing and some of the steps commonly used by dancers.

Jazz Era Dance: Find out more about the most popular dances of the infamous jazz era and Lindy Hop to it!


The Charleston: A popular Jazz Era dance, check out some basic information and a video.

The Roots of The Charleston: Learn more about the creation of The Charleston and how the dance came to pass.

How to Dance The Charleston: A lesson in dancing The Charleston, use this information to get your feet in the groove.

The Charleston Basics: Learn the basics of The Charleston and the slight difference in steps during different decades.

Charleston Vocabulary: Become familiar with some of the key phrases used when learning to dance The Charleston.


The Tantalizing History of the Tango: Learn about the birth and growth of the tango as one of the most intimate dances of all.

Scent of a Woman Tango Steps: Learn to tango as seen on the classic movie Scent of a Woman.

The Tango of the Early 1900s: PBS presents a brief history of the early tango and how it is danced in different cultures.

Tango Music and Dancing: This resource features sound clips and information about tango music and dancing.

The Essential Tango: An informative, but brief, look into the tango from a social perspective and the importance of dancing to "create community bonds."


A Brief History of Swing Dance: Information on the history of swing dance and how it influenced dance.

All About Swing: This resource provides a wealth of information about swing and other areas of dance.

Swing Steps and Turns: Teaching and dancing swing can be very involved; with these simple steps you'll have a good foundation on which to build your routine.

What is Swing?: Learn about the basics of swing and the history that helped the dancing style evolve to what it is today.

Simple Swing Patterns: A personal account of swing and information regarding some simple swing patterns.


All About Flamenco Dancing: A background and definition of flamenco dancing and the movements it includes.

So You Want to be a Flamenco Dancer?: Information, pictures, and videos about flamenco dancing and how to get started.

The Sounds of Flamenco: A detailed article about flamenco dancing and renowned flamenco dance companies.

Flamenco Dancing Influences: What has influenced the flamenco dance? Learn more here and gain a better understanding of the origins and developments of the dance.

Flamenco Dancing Glossary: A list of terms involved in flamenco dancing. Understanding these terms will help you be better prepared to take flamenco lessons.


Defining Ballroom Dance: Get a better understanding of the different types of ballroom dancing and what each entails.

Ballroom Dancing Styles: Information regarding the different types and nuances of ballroom dancing.

Ballroom 101: This page offers everything you need to know about ballroom dancing; the styles and types of dancing, the key terms, and so much more.

12 of the Most Popular Ballroom Dances: A brief description and examples of the most popular styles of ballroom dancing.

Social Ballroom Dancing Index: A resource to help you further explore ballroom dancing and get in the groove.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop Education: A comprehensive resource of hip hop, including how it has evolved and the culture it has fostered.

Hip Hop Moves from the Past 10 Years: Learn some of the most popular dance moves that have entered into the hip hop scene over the past decade.

From the Fringe: A detailed article on hip hop culture and how it has impacted the mainstream.

Hip Hop Index: A website dedicated to everything hip hop, including slang, music, and more.

Hip Hop Won't Stop: Learn more about the impact hip hop has had on the American culture and vice versa.


The Evolution of Salsa Dancing: The spicy evolution of the salsa and its influences.

The Dancer's Guide to Salsa: The basics of salsa and information to give beginning dancers the edge when starting out.

Dancing on 2: A detailed analysis of salsa dancing on two, the second beat, and why it can be important to learning salsa.

Basic Salsa Instruction: Beginners can use these basic salsa dancing instructions to practice and hone their sizzling dance skills.

The History of Salsa Dancing and Music: A website dedicated to everything salsa and the principles behind the dancing and the music.

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