Online Resource Guide to Understanding Infertility

Having children is one of the greatest gifts a person could ask for. For many people becoming a parent is a process that happens with ease. For other people having a child is more difficult due to possible infertility reasons. For people who may be dealing with infertility there are steps they can take to help them in their journey. When trying to conceive they should try natural methods first; if they continue to be unsuccessful they have other options available to help them become the loving parents they long to be.

Becoming Pregnant

Becoming pregnant may take a lot of understanding as well as planning. They should understand what is normal for conceiving and how long it takes for most couples that have to “try.” They need to understand ovulation and sperm production, transport, intercourse and fertilization, implantation, nutrition, and follow the necessary steps to become pregnant. A person should start taking precautions before conception and continue to do so during pregnancy in order to have a happy and healthy birth.

  • Preconception care – This link discusses things you should consider before becoming pregnant.
  • Getting pregnant – This link provides answers to common questions about why you may not be able to get pregnant.
  • Identifying fertile days – This link provides information on how to identify the days a person is the most fertile, evaluating cervical fluid, and taking a basal temperature.
  • How pregnancy occurs – This link provides a long list of answers to frequently asked questions from how pregnancy occurs to ways it cannot occur.
  • Get ready for pregnancy – This link provides information on ways to prepare from pregnancy to having a healthy pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy through the father’s eyes – This link talks about what pregnancy can be like from the father’s point of view and things he can do to help encourage a healthy pregnancy.
  • Fortifying folate – This link discusses how a person should fortify their folate before becoming pregnant.
  • Ovulation and sperm production – This is everything a person should know about how the reproduction system works. It discusses the stages of birth as well as sexually transmitted diseases.

Infertility Prevention and Staying Healthy

When deciding to try to have a child the couple can each do things to help prevent infertility. It starts with living a healthy lifestyle as alcohol and drug abuse do increase the chances of infertility. Smoking is another aspect of increased infertility and should be stopped. Second-hand smoke should also be avoided. Living healthy starts from the inside out and all measures should be taken to start healthy and be healthy during pregnancy.

  • Prevent infertility – This link lists a few preventive measures a person can take to help prevent infertility.
  • Staying healthy – Here a person can learn about how to stay healthy in order to remain fertile.

Female Infertility

Female infertility can be caused by many different things such as ovulatory dysfunction, endometriosis, and scarred fallopian tubes due to sexually transmitted diseases. A history and evaluation will be taken by a fertility doctor to determine the reasons and a treatment plan will then be discussed. Some cases of infertility can be treated with prescription medication as others may require a surgical procedure. In vitro fertilization can also be performed to encourage pregnancy but often results in multiple births and increased health risks for both mom and babies.


  • Ovulatory dysfunction – This link discusses ovulatory dysfunction as well as other common reasons women may be infertile.
  • Endometriosis – This link also provides more information about female infertility and reasons why women may become infertile.


  • History and evaluation – A comprehensive history and evaluation can help to determine if a person is infertile. Here a person can also learn causes of male and female infertility, how it is diagnosed, and treatments used.
  • Laparoscopy – This link gives more insight into tests that may be performed to determine infertility. One test is called a Laparoscopy which allows a direct view of the pelvic cavity.


  • Drug treatment – This link provides some information on the types of drugs that may be used to increase fertility.
  • In Vitro Fertilization – This link goes over the history and process of how in vitro fertilization takes place.


  • Emotional distress – This discusses some issues an infertile person may face such as anger, sense of loss, and depression.
  • Development of multiple births – With in vitro fertilization there is an increase in the possibility of multiple births which can cause medical problems for the mother and the babies will face many risks from being born prematurely.

Male Infertility

Male infertility can also be caused from any things. Varicocele is one of the main causes but obstructions and blockages may also be a factor. Testing for infertility in men includes semen analysis and possibly more extensive testing but it can be treated. Medical therapy is one form of treatment which might include hormonal therapy. Depending on the actual diagnosis there may need to be a surgical procedure done.


  • Varicocele – This is one of the main causes of male infertility and this link provides everything a person should know.
  • Obstructions/blockages – This link provides information on reasons a male may have obstructions and/or blockages causing infertility.


  • Semen analysis – This is a test to determine fertility in men. This link provides more information about the testing as well as providing information on how to prepare for testing.


  • Medical therapy – This link discusses everything dealing with male infertility including the use of hormonal therapy.
  • Surgical therapy – This link discusses the different surgical procedures which may be performed depending on the diagnosis.


  • Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.) – This link provides everything a person might want to know about E.D. from what it is to treatments available.
  • Retrograde ejaculation – This link provides information on different orgasm and ejaculation disorders in men that may cause infertility.

Support Groups

  • Stepping Stones – Support forums for those facing infertility challenges.
  • – Offers a support group called “Trying to Conceive and Infertility.”
  • IVF connections – There are many different types of IVF groups available here.
  • – Connect and gain support from others going through the same infertility issues on Facebook.

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