Our Song: How to Pick the Perfect Song for Your Relationship

Dating isn’t easy these days. It’s hard to find the person that’s right for you and it’s hard to make relationships work with how tough the world is. However, once you fall in love with someone, you want to make sure that things are perfect and that you’re together forever so you plan a life together. At this point, it may be a good idea to choose “Our Song” which is the perfect song for your relationship! This is not just picking a song for a date or choosing a song that you remember hearing at the location where you proposed. You have to pick the perfect song to represent your relationship at your wedding, and most likely, it will be different than the song you used for any other event. Since music is important in that it can set the mood at an event, the song must be chosen carefully.

No matter what the event, the basics are the same. You have to pick a song that you’ll both like. If your other half hates piano and the song you choose is a piano solo, it can ruin the mood. The same goes for the artist. Pick somebody both of you love! For the same reason, the genre of song is important too. While you may both enjoy rock music or heavy metal, the overall tone of the song may not make for a romantic evening so when you’re choosing the music, keep that in mind.

The most important rule of picking music is to put enough thought into whatever song you’re choosing. Is it romantic without being overly dramatic? Is it appropriate for the event, whether it’s a date or a party? Is it a song both of you can listen to forever? If a song matches all of these criteria, chances are it’s the perfect song to pick to represent your relationship!

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Picking the perfect song for your relationship requires a lot of thought but the effort is well worth it in the end.

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