Personality: What's Your Type?

Personality is a complex idea that covers a variety of different topics. The information provided here covers some of the topics relating to personality, behavior and how these things affect relationships.


Reputation refers to first impressions or the way an individual feels when they meet someone new. This is especially true in regards to dating. Men and women are programmed by their genes to look for the strongest breeding partner. In the first sixty seconds a person spends with someone new, they automatically make a decision regarding their future, even if it happens on a subconscious level. They know almost instantly if the other person is someone they want to spend time with, based solely on their initial first impression.


Behavioral traits are a fairly accepted idea among psychologists. The belief is that certain traits are found in an individual and encouraged by their surroundings. A shy child for example will become a shy adult because of the way others treat them. Intelligence, assertiveness, handiness and a sense of humor are other examples of behavioral traits.

Thoughts and Feelings

The way a person thinks and feels isn’t always expressed through their actions. However by carefully observing the other person, these traits become apparent. Dating services and matchmakers do this on a daily basis, to ensure that they want people act in their office is the same way they do when out in the real world. A person has certain ticks that show they’re lying such as not making eye contact, playing with their hair or shifting in their seat. Those who act that way regularly are hiding a hidden part of their personality.

The Unconscious

The unconscious is a tricky subject because people can’t decipher their own deep hidden thoughts or feelings. Psychologists use inkblot and other similar tests as a way of uncovering those thoughts. An individual gives a response or feelings based on the inkblot and the psychologist interprets that. Freud focused on dream analysis to uncover the unconscious. He placed emphasis on certain images found in dreams and showed how they related to the patient’s life. His work was often criticized because he placed such a large emphasis on sex in terms of the unconscious.

Genes and Society

There’s been a long debate over nature versus nurture and which has a stronger impact on personality. Would someone raised in a different family have the same behavior if they were raised somewhere else? Some argue that nurturing and the environment a person was raised in is most important in their formation as a person. Others argue that the role of nature and the genes a person was born with are the most important. Studies for both sides have found mixed results.

Forming Relationships

Psychologists have found people often seek out those with personalities and behavior traits similar to their own. The old adage of opposites attract isn’t necessarily true. An extroverted person for example will seek out other extroverted people as their friends and lovers. People also seek out spouses based on this concept. On an unconscious level, humans want someone that comforts them and not someone different from their own personality.

Resources on behavior and personality include:

There are a number of different things that go into human behavior. The ideas listed here are only a few of the topics relating to how personality develops.

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