Raising a Difficult Child

Nobody wants to give their child a label. Nobody wants to hear that their child is a “problem” child. Children with that label are often written off as troublemakers and banished to the back of the class where they’re forgotten amongst the shuffle. Yet, some kids to have trouble knowing when and how to behave so it is up to their parents to teach them. A “difficult” child is a child who doesn’t know when certain behaviors are appropriate. Sometimes, they act out and cause trouble. Sometimes, they get into fights with other kids or skip school entirely.

Parenting a “problem child” can be difficult. Parents need to know how to deal with the situation. Firstly, be aware that most children are not bad and they just act out because they can’t understand or express what they’re feeling. When a child acts out, it’s often best to ignore the behavior until it’s stopped. Then, you have to address it calmly and rationally. Never let anger rule how you deal with a child because it can do more damage. Reward positive behavior as well. That’s the perfect way to teach kids what’s appropriate and what’s not.

Communication with your child is vital in these situations. You have to get through to them that what they are doing is not acceptable but you also have to let them know that you are listening. Try and get them to open up about what’s bothering them. Express that you know something is wrong and that you love them and want to make it better. Do not raise your voice and let them know that what they are doing is truly bothering you. Always reinforce, no matter what, that you love your child.

There are lots of support groups and forums out there. Many parents have been through this before and understand what you’re going through. They can offer help and great parenting tips for those who need help. Even better, most of them are public forums so you can get all the help you need right when you need it.

  • Parenting Challenging Children: Shows how to handle children that are considered “difficult.”

  • Parenting Tips: Some links to articles that can help when kids are being difficult.

  • Parenting Styles: Discusses how parenting styles affect kids and what styles are best for certain types of children.

Common issues when dealing with difficult children often arise in schools because children are there all day. Kids will often act out in class. They will cause disruptions on purpose and disobey a teacher multiple times. They will also often get into fights with other children. Their grades usually suffer and some kids choose to skip school entirely as a way of acting out.

Children normally don't act out just to act out. There are some things to look for in a child who’s being difficult. Younger children can become very upset over something large like the death of a family member or pet. Because the child doesn't understand what's going on, they act out. Behavioral problems are almost always a sign of some deeper problem. Children who suffer from learning disorders like dyslexia or Attention Deficit Disorder often end up acting out because they feel overwhelmed with nobody to turn to. Always look to find the underlying cause of behavioral problems in children.

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