Reading Body Language

Many people think of communication as being verbal but there are other forms of communication which people use and can be interpreted in a number of ways. One big way that people communicate is through the use of body language. If you know how to read someones body language, you can often times tell a lot about that person just from looking at how their body is positioned. Knowing how to read someones body language can be very helpful especially when it comes to dating. If you can read your dates body language, you will be able to tell if he or she is flirting with you and whether they are interested in you. Having the ability to read body language will also help make you more conscious of your own body language and the messages you are sending people with it.

Eyes – when someone has dilated pupils it means that they are engaged and interested in what you are saying. It is often said that the eyes are the window to the soul. If someone is looking or gazing to the side it is generally an indication of guilt

Hands – if your date's palms are open it usually indicates that they are very comfortable and relaxed around you

Mimicking – if someone is mimicking your body position, it generally means that the person is interested in you, what you have to say, and is feeling comfortable

Arms – folded arms generally indicate that a person is uncomfortable or angry while open arms indicate that a person is being honest and accepting of what you have to say

Chin – when someone is rubbing their chin it is normally a sign that they are thinking

Feet – when you are standing opposite from someone and their feet are pointing towards you, it is a sign of comfort but if the persons feet are pointing away from you it probably means that they are not interested in what you are saying or it could simply mean they feel uncomfortable. When someone has their feet pointing away from you they are likely to always not look at you and have their head turned in a different direction.

Legs – when someone is standing up and have their legs placed shoulder width apart, it means they are comfortable and at ease. If a person stands with their legs more than shoulder length apart, it is a sign of confidence, and people who stand with their legs crossed are normally shy. If someone is sitting down with their legs crossed it means they are being protective of themselves, while if their legs are open while sitting down it means they are comfortable and confident

Fingers – if someone is pointing a finger it is often a sign of anger, and drumming or tapping is a sign of frustration, the faster the drumming or tapping the more frustrated the person probably is.

Eyebrows – when a person has raised eyebrows it is an indication of shock or surprise, and if someone flicks their eyebrow up briefly it means they are acknowledging someone.

There are hundreds if not thousands of different body positions that can be interpreted to tell how someone is thinking or feeling. Being able to read body language can be a very helpful thing to be able to do and can help someone tell if they are being lied to or deceived. Reading body language comes in very helpful for dates as you can determine by your dates body language whether or not they are interested in you. The study of body language is very fascinating and can reveal some very interesting information about people.

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