Reddit Gone Wild Is Where Redditors Post Nude Pics Of Themselves


Did you know that Redditors have a place called Reddit Gone Wild, where they basically just post and vote on nude pictures of themselves? Well I didn't!

They even have all these neat little rules (male/female tagging, "be respectful," etc.), and, because it's Reddit, the rules are so adorably followed. Who are all of these polite, considerate people? Is Reddit truly some sort of online utopia?

Real talk: When I first learned what little I know about Reddit, I asked a dude who turned out to be way more hardcore about it than I'd initially thought — like, what I expected to be a five-minute primer turned into a working lunch. Which was cool, because the dude showed me everything I needed to know to not suck at and be laughed out of Reddit. Or so I thought it was everything — the dude never told me about Reddit Gone Wild. WTF, dude!

But now I know all about it, and you do too. You can check out Reddit Gone Wild in all its pink-trimmed glory over here.

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