Relationship Poems

Poetry can be used for inspiration, encouragement, and as a way to express one’s self to others when often times the words are hard to find. These words can help a person cope with sad emotions from the loss of a loved one, to gain spirituality, and to allow them to reflect on friendship and love. Communication is the key to every relationship and sometimes self-expression can be difficult. The use of poetry can help encourage positive relationships with your spouse, friends, family, and colleagues.

There are many times when a person will face some strain on their personal relationships. These relationships can become stressed due to issues or circumstances that are at times beyond our control. The internet allows us ways to stay in contact with a loved one that is at a distance which will help the relationship remain solid as it passes through challenges. By keeping relationships strong you will have a person you can trust help you through times of despair or through those rough spots we all face in our lives. It is also important for each individual to be the rock and support for a loved one in their time of need.

Everyone does not have the ability to express themselves well through the written word and may need some guidance and direction to find the right words to say. The following resources will provide people with a wide variety of poetry that has special meaning.

  • Inspirational Poems – From E.E. Cumming to Alan Ginsberg, here you can find a long list of poems sure to give you or your loved one the inspiration needed to cope with troubled times.
  • Spiritual Poems – Here poetry and short stories can be found to help with spiritual growth.
  • Friendship Poems – Here you can find poems directed towards friendship. Titles include Friends, Field of Joys, and The Glory of Friendship along with others.
  • Thank You Pastor Poems – If you need to show gratitude to your pastor you can find related poetry here.
  • Memorial Poems – Here you can find a collection of poetry reflecting on remembering a loved one you or someone you know has lost.
  • Remembrance Poems – Here you can find poetry and quotes appropriate for funerals or memorial services.
  • Psonnets of Friendship – Here you can find sonnets of friendship, worship, courtship, and romance, along with many others from Michael Rew.
  • Love Poems – Here you can find a few poems about love with titles that include Things I Love About You, Hand in Hand, Could You Be the One For me, Fantasy, and What Love Is.
  • Golden Anniversary Poems – Here are a few poems directed towards the “Golden Anniversary.” A celebration of fifty years together.
  • Valentine’s Day Poems – Here you can find poems revolving around Valentine’s Day. You are sure to find the perfect words for that special someone.
  • Classical Love Poems – Here you can find a list of classical love poems from poets Elizabeth Barrett Browning, William Shakespeare, and Emily Dickinson.
  • Holiday Poems – Here you can find stories and poetry for holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s.
  • Father’s Day Poems – Here are a few poems for dad on his special day or any day you want to tell your dad how much you love him.
  • Mother’s Day Poems – Here you can find a few poems to share with your mom on Mother’s day or any day you want to let her know just how much she means to you.
  • Poems of Aspirations and Hope – Here you can find poems titled My Prayer, Lest I Be Alone, and Tomorrow by poet Derek Dobson.
  • Animal Poems – An important relationship we often have is with our animals and here you can find poems about a beloved pet.
  • Wedding Poems – Here you can find a list of poems perfect for that special day.
  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning Poems – Here is a collection of poetry about love written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
  • Love Quotes – Here you can find a collection of great quotes about love.
  • Friendship Quotes – Here you can find a collection of inspirational friendship quotes.
  • Relationship Quotes – Here you can find quotes for inspiration, on life, and love and relationships.
  • Romantic Lyrics – Here you can find a long list of lyrics/poems for the romantic relationship.
  • Adoption Quotes – Here are inspirational and uplifting quotes related to adoption and adoptive parents.
  • Sad Poetry – Here you can find a collection of poems dealing with sadness and despair which may help a person cope with their own issues more easily by learning they are not alone.
  • In Loving Memory Poems – Here you can find poems to inspire and to comfort in times of need.

Everyone faces a time in life when they need a friend or need to be a friend. This list will provide hope, inspiration, motivation, and comfort for family, friends, or any loved one including yourself. Help keep your relationships strong.

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