Respect The One You Love

Respect has a huge impact in everyday life. We are taught at a young age to respect adults, our parents, and even our peers. To respect someone is to acknowledge them with value, acceptance, and courtesy, and to show them consideration. While respect is important in all aspects of life, it is especially important to have a high level of respect when involved in an intimate relationship, as healthy relationships are built on a foundation of respect, and will likely fail if you and your partner don't have respect for one another.

It is imperative for teens involved in relationships and dating to command respect as well as give it. A lack of respect often leads to an unhealthy, and even abusive relationship. If your significant other spends time calling you names, insulting you, and sometimes even gets physically violent, that shows a complete lack of respect for the relationship and you, and it is better to get out of an abusive relationship before anyone seriously gets hurt. Abuse comes in different forms and can be physical, emotional, or both. Often times teens make the mistake of thinking that if their boyfriend or girlfriend is not physically hurting them then the relationship is healthy but they often don't realize that they are being emotionally abused, and this can be just as damaging as physical abuse. Healthy teen relationships involve mutual respect for each other, trust, honesty, compromise, individuality, communication, anger control, and problem solving.

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The bottom line is, in order to have healthy, fulfilling relationships later on in life, you have to learn to give as well as command respect from your partner. When teens become involved in an unhealthy relationship at a young age, it can alter their thoughts about what is healthy and not, and lead to a pattern of unhealthy relationships in their future. This makes it imperative as parents to teach your children to respect themselves and others at a young age. A good way to go about teaching your adolescents and teens respect is to make them aware that they should treat others the way that they expect to be treated, if you respect someone, chances are they are going to respect you back.

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It is not only important to have respect in the relationship you are involved in but to have respect in all aspects of life, whether it be with friends, bosses, or strangers everyone deserves to be respected. It is also important for teens as they begin to get older to set a good example for their younger siblings and peers, and teach them how to give and get respect.

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