Send a Virtual Present Over the Web

Sending gifts to friends and family is a part of virtually every celebration humans take part in, and now with the internet being such a large part of everyday life a friend or family member can send virtual gifts over the internet. Gifts can be as simple as a greeting arriving in an inbox to a full blown personalized E-card or even virtual flowers. Many sites allow for free E-cards to be sent and a few will charge a nominal fee; some web sites will ask that a customer donate funds to a charity in lieu of a purchasing fee. Many gifts can be sent via social networking sites and dating sites; these sites are sometimes attributed with starting the virtual gift movement or at least bringing it to the public's attention.

When sending flowers via the internet most sites that offer the service will have a virtual gallery, or a list of images of flowers that can be sent virtually. Sites will either send the image directly or, more often, a message will be sent telling them they have a virtual gift and a code will be supplied to "pick up" the flowers. This eliminates the possibility of the end recipient deleting the message as junk or spam. Along with flowers, virtual postcards may be sent as well. This is perfect when on vacation in the tropics or overseas as postcards will often arrive after the sender comes home. Send a virtual postcard and know that it will be received prior to the return trip home.

Creating an E-card is the most prevalent type of virtual gift offered on the internet today. Any type of card can be found or created and then sent to its recipient. These too have a message that is sent so the recipient knows that it is a real gift and not spam. Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day and any other celebration can be enjoyed with a virtual greeting card. Some services allow the end user to upload images, videos and music to be part of the E-cards. Since the card is being sent digitally over the net it can have any type of media attached to it providing a more personal greeting card.

Believe it or not some sites offer sending virtual meals like pizzas, steaks and tacos; chicken noodle soup is a great virtual gift for a sick or ill loved one. Add anything to the meal as seen fit; a kitchen sink could be added to a pizza using some services. If a person wanted to play a virtual joke on a friend they could send a virtual "wedgie" and have a good laugh. Vacations are always appreciate and now a virtual vacation can be sent as a present to friends and family. Send them to any destination as money is no object; these are free virtual vacations so the sky is the limit. Sending virtual gifts is a great way to show the people who are important a little appreciation on their celebratory day. Whether it is Valentine's Day or their birthday, a virtual gift can brighten their otherwise mundane day.

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