Sex Laws

Sex Laws are sets of rules or guide, which frowns against illegal sexual activities. They are also legally enforced rules that are designed to protect the sexual rights of people. Sex laws vary from places, city, religion and region, some countries frowns at indecent sex activities others may put it as something legal into their constitution. In general, sex laws places emphasis on the laws regulating personal sexual activities, inequalities and irrationality thereby giving a basis for the study of sexual regulations and controls.


  • Ex adulteryA general overview about adultery using the Jewish law as an example.
  • Polygamy: A general view, also giving insight on its contribution to women's oppression and imporvement.
  • Sexual assault: All about sexual assault, what to be done when one is assaulted and who can be assaulted.
  • Incest: Definition of incest, statistics of incest in our World today. 
  • Bestiality: All about Moore’s’ Bestiality argument.
  • Necrophilia: Overview causes and therapy for those addicted with Necrophilia.
  • Child prostitution: Worldwide overview of Child trafficking.
  • Bigamy: General view on bigamy, giving insight on bigamy in Mexico.
  • Rape: Victim Race and Rape.
  • Rape Warfare: All about rape during Viet Nam.
  • Obscene Exposure: An overview of indecent exposure in the UK, Austrailia and the US.
  • Prostitution: An overview of prostitution in the UK and how it can be eradicated. 
  • Marriage: General view about marriage laws among American Indians.
  • Marriage Laws: Muslim family laws ordinance, 1961.
  • Ancient Israelite marriage custom: An overview of the Israelite marriage law custom.
  • World Sex Laws: A look into adultery, gay rights and age of consent laws around the world.
  • Adultery in Somalia: Man is stoned to death afer being found guilty of adultery. 
  • Sodomy Laws: Laws from countries around the world. 
  • Age of Consent: A chart depicting the legal age of consent around the world. 
  • Masturbation: All about Christian view on masturbation.
  • Islamic view of Sexual Intercourse: An overview of sexual intercourse using the Islamic rule as an insight. 
  • Nudity Laws: Laws about the buff from Thailand to England to Wisconsin.
  • Gay Marriage Laws: Laws in Canada, Spain and the UK.
  • Divorce: History and laws surrounding divorce around the world.
  • Japan facts on trafficking: Facts about human trafficking in Japan.

 United States 


 Cyber Sex Laws

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