Sexiest Ads of All Time

The most memorable advertisements are the ones that push boundaries and make a lasting impact, and the one thing that always sells is sex. Naturally, there have been many racy ads that straddle the line between advertisement and sexy photo shoot, especially in the fashion world. Some of the sexiest ads of all time are more suggestive than anything else, but they sure made a big impression:

American Apparel (present)
American Apparel is as well known for their sexy ads as they are for their leggings and hoodies. Their voyeuristic ad campaigns repeatedly use sex to sell clothes, and have long prided themselves on their provocative shoots.

Salma Hayek for Campari (2007)
Liquor company Campari famously releases a racy calendar featuring a hot celebrity every year, and no calendar was hotter than the one featuring sexy Salma Hayek. The photos are so racy that she really could be selling anything!

PETA (present)
PETA has done what Playboy has been trying to do since it's inception: get hot celebrities to pose nude. The difference is that PETA accomplishes this all in the name of preventing animal cruelty with their "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign.

Go Daddy (2005-present)
Now known for their racy Superbowl commercials, website domain registrar Go Daddy made quite the impression with their first ad. Now, the company makes it their mission to keep providing sexy commercials to the public.

Axe (present)
Axe products market themselves to men by showing just how irresistible their body sprays and deodorants can make a guy, and they succeed (they call it the "Axe effect"). Their ads often feature pretty girls that can't get enough of their Axe-scented men, whether it be a boyfriend or a stranger on the street.

Jordache (1970s, present)
Before sexy ads were commonplace, Jordache pushed the envelope by featuring models clad in Jordache jeans...and nothing else. The ads were such a hit that Heidi Klum recently paid homage to them with her modern set of Jordache ads.

Brooke Shields for Calvin Klein (1981)
Brooke Shields was only a teenager when she starred in these print and TV spots, but the effect was astonishing. While controversial for such a young girl to be appearing in such sexy ads, the spots made her a household name, had every guy in the country wishing they were dating her, and propelled Calvin Klein jeans into the stratosphere.

Kylie Minogue for Agent Provocateur (2001)
Perhaps it's not quite fair to include a lingerie ad on the list, but Kylie Minogue's spot for Agent Provocateur was so racy that it was banned in many places. There's something about lingerie and mechanical bulls that just gets the TV sensors a little uncomfortable.

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