Sexual Addiction

Sexual Addiction Described

Sexual addiction, also known as sexual compulsivity or sexual dependency, refers to a propensity toward extreme or prolonged sexual behaviors that are damaging to the self, to others, or to healthy relationships. Sexual addiction may manifest with many of the symptoms common to better-understood addictive behaviors such as gambling and drug abuse. The sexual addict’s behavior endangers his or her health and jeopardizes the ability to create and maintain normal social and emotional bonds. In extreme forms, sexual addiction can create conflict in other aspects of the sufferer’s life and cause difficulties in career, finances, and more. Firm statistics on the number of people facing sexual addiction are not yet available, but recent trends such as pornography use on the Internet may be implicated in a rise in the addiction’s prevalence. Sexual addiction can appear in many forms, and often begins with relatively harmless behaviors.

Controversy About Sexual Addiction

Though much research has gone into sexual addiction in recent years, it remains a subject of controversy. Physicians, psychologists, and others who study sexual and pathological behavior have had difficulty coming to a consensus about exactly what sexual addiction means and how to test for it. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Development Disorders, which is used by health professionals as a major tool in classifying mental disorders, does not recognize sexual addiction. Some researchers raise concerns that the concept of sexual addiction is subjective and difficult to measure. Others believe the diagnosis is a way of projecting social stigmas onto patients, such as those once suffered by masturbators, “nymphomaniacs” and others formerly classed as sexual “deviants.” A lively debate within the medical and scholarly community continues, searching for ways that truly harmful sexual addictions can be tested for and classified separately from merely “unusual” sexual behavior. Studies about sexual addiction are ongoing, and wide agreement on the subject may take years to crystallize.

Sexual Addiction Recovery

Though the exact mechanisms of sexual addiction are uncertain, therapies have already been developed for treatment and recovery. Many organizations aimed at treating sexual addiction offer a supportive group atmosphere with a “12-step” recovery process based on Alcoholics Anonymous. Treatment can also take the form of couples’ therapy or one-on-one counseling with a medical professional. Though sexual addiction does not involve chemical dependency like alcohol or drug abuse, recovery is considered an ongoing process. Negative habits relating to sex have to be found, addressed, and rooted out. Counselors who work with sexual addiction patients tend to agree that the long-term lifestyle changes required for recovery take time to grow, and there is a possibility of relapse. However, with treatment, those suffering from sexual addiction can lead full lives and derive pleasure from healthy sexual activities. As with many compulsive behaviors, untreated sexual addiction is believed to worsen over time, and many patients may not recognize the signs until they hit “rock bottom.” For those reasons, it’s very important to get informed about sexual addiction.

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Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health: Offers a variety of informational resources for learning about and treating sexual addiction, including a large variety of articles and publications.

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