Sexual Disorders Resource Page

Sexual Disorders in Men

Technical Paper: This is a very technically-written paper on serum testosterone disorders in men who suffer from diseases such as Klinefelter Syndrome.

Klinefelter Syndrome: The National Institute of Health defines Klinefelter’s Syndrome, it’s symptoms, treatment, and other facts about the disease.

Andrology: Andrology is the study of diseases as they relate to men. These include sexual disorders.

Screening Test: The Langone Medical Center of New York University has posted a screening test for men who think they may suffer from a sexual disorder.

Journal Reviews: The Endocrine Reviews website reviews journal articles on the subject of sexual disorders in men as well as other issues.

Psychiatric treatment: The Institute for Sexual Wellness offers psychiatric and other forms of treatment for men who suffer with sexual disorders.

Lifetime Suicide Symptoms: This is a very informative paper that is easy to read. It discusses suicide symptoms in men with same-sex partners.

Dealing with Sexual Disorders in Relationships

Dissociative Disorders: This website allows you to post questions online concerning dissociative disorders, their role in sexual disorders, and how they can affect relationships.

Powerpoint Presentation: This is a Powerpoint Presentation on sexual dysfunctions and sex therapy.

Histrionic Personality Disorder: This is a disorder which usually affects women more than it does men. It can harm relationships because the sufferer often acts out in sexually inappropriate ways.

Extramarital Sexual Activities: This paper talks about extramarital sexual activities, how often they occur, and how they affect relationships.

Faith-based: This is a faith-based website that offers information and advice on various subjects, including sexual disorders or problems and how they affect relationships.

Counseling for Sexual Issues: This article from the United Kingdom offers insight on how to seek counseling for sexual issues which are affecting relationships.

Website for Children, Teens, and Parents: This website addresses different issues, including sexual disorders and relationships, as they relate to children, teens, and parents or caregivers.

Sexual Disorders in Women

Screening Test: Women who think they may suffer from a sexual disorder can take this screening test posted by The Langone Medical Center of New York University.

The Medical Journal of Australia: This publication posted an article on arousal disorders in women.

Women in Midlife: This article talks about a woman’s sexual after she has reached and passes midlife.

Sexual Pain Disorders: Pain during sex can affect women, even after the cause has been located and treated.

Types: This website lists the different types of sexual disorders.

Overview: An article posted by Medline Plus gives an overview of sexual problems.

Sexual Dysfunction: This is an article that talks about sexual dysfunction in women.

Information on Treatment and Testing

Treatment: This article offers insight on treatment of sexual dysfunction.

Not just for men: This is an article posted by Brand Viagra which discusses female sexual disorders.

Male Sexual Dysfunction: This is a paper on male sexual dysfunction. It was reviewed by Endocrine Reviews before being published on this site.

Peer-reviewed journal: The source of this article is a peer-reviewed journal published by American Academy of Family Physicians.

Treatment for Female Sexual Dysfunction: The New England Journal of Medicine offers insight on treatments for female sexual dysfunction.

FAQ Format: This article on sexual dysfunction in males is written in an FAQ format that is easy to read.

Male Fertility: This article is published by a team of doctors who specialize in male fertility problems

Other Disorders That May Have Sexual Side Effects

Managing Sexual Side Effects: This article gives advice and suggestions for managing sexual side effects.

Radiation Therapy: Radiation therapy for cancer can cause sexual side effects in women

Depression: This articles talks about how depression can cause sexual side effects.

Inflammatory bowel disease: This condition can sometimes affect sexual function.

Hepatitis C Therapy: Men can experience sexual dysfunction during therapy for the treatment of Hepatitis C.

Medications: Some medications can sexual side effects or sexual disorders.

Anti-psychotic medication: Sexual dysfunction has been reported in patients taking anti-psychotic medication.

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