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The word “sex” elicits many different reactions in people, and what some people find taboo, other people find perfectly acceptable, and some even desirable. With the act of sexual intercourse comes a myriad of emotions and also responsibilities. We live in a society of norms, and the “norm” here in the United States still tends to be sex within the limits of a marriage between a man and a woman. That has been changing over the past few decades, and it appears to be changing even more rapidly as of late. With the rapid spread of HIV and AIDS, as well as other sexually transmitted diseases, caution must be taken, especially by those who practice more risky sexual acts. Many people, are, indeed, either partaking in more risky and “kinky” behavior, or they are just being more open about it than they used to be. The Internet has broken down many barriers for those who have fantasized about being with a person of the same sex or being controlled by another or controlling another.

Many of these taboo sexual practices, as mentioned before, have found a place of normalcy on the Internet. There are websites, chat rooms, forums, and on-line communities for every sexual preference. For instance, for those who have always had a secret desire to participate in BDSM, or bondage/dominance/sadomasochism, they can find others willing to participate in such activities with them Others may find a penchant for being nude, all the time, wherever they are. People can join others not only on nude beaches that are nearly impossible to locate, but also at actual resorts and spas and even ski resorts. Nudism is practiced by a large number of people, young and old, male and female, in a completely nonsexual way. Many couples may be interested in spicing up their marriages with sex toys, but were too embarrassed to enter or didn’t have access to any erotic shops. It is easy and discreet to order adult toys online, so new options just opened up for such couples. Couples can also explore the possibility of polyamory if they feel they want to add another person or couple into their dating or marital relationship.  

Body modification is a practice that has definitely come to the forefront the last few years. People have used body modification to exhibit their rebellion, to emphasize their individuality, and to increase their sexuality. Cross-dressing has also become more acceptable, and there are many accessories that can help the cross-dresser become more feminine/masculine. There are many spiritual and mystical approaches to sex as well that has been around for centuries and is becoming known to more people. Tantric sex, an ancient Eastern practice, advises and trains the couples to keep their orgasms in for an extended period of time to achieve a higher level of energy and satisfaction. The Kama Sutra is perhaps the most famous sex writing of all time, and it offers couples a myriad of sexual positions to try. For those who prefer a more traditional approach, couples can learn erotic massage to please one another prior to, and independent of, sexual experiences.

Whether a person is heterosexual and conservative, bisexual, transsexual, monogamous, polyamorous, or still one of the singles, one can certainly not argue the fact that sex is no longer behind the closed door of our grandparents. Taboos and fetishes no longer bring fear and disgust and instead incite understanding in most people. And if one is interested in any particular fetish or fun, the Internet is most certainly the place to look first.

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