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The Internet has over one billion pages and counting. New websites spring up every day. No matter how diligent you are, it's harder than ever to keep track of the sites that interest you. Social bookmarking sites give Internet users a way to store bookmarks for their favorite sites and to discover new sites that members shared. Social bookmark sites make organizing your bookmarks a dream. They also free you from your personal browser. Saving your bookmarks at a popular site like Delicious means you can access them from anywhere.

Internet gurus rate sites by the usefulness and breadth of their features, the number of active members, and that mysterious element called Google's page rank. The top three social bookmarking sites with the largest number of members and page rank are StumbleUpon, Delicious and Furl. Furl stores archival copies of your webpage at the time that you saved it. Clipmarks lets users copy a section of the web page and store it with the link. Backflip saves your bookmarks and allows you to set up a daily surfing folder so you won't forget to visit any of your favorites.

Reddit, Sphinn, Fark, and Newsvine are Digg competitors. The users on these sites share news stories that they find on the Internet. Digg is the largest and the oldest site. Users vote on your contributions, deciding whether they are useful. Technorati and Blogmarks users save blog post links. They can also find blogs and posts on any topic by searching the site.

Flickr is the leading photo sharing site. Video sharing sites are not as common as bookmark sites. However, a few of the social bookmarking sites like Mixx do allow members bookmark news, videos, and photos in one convenient location.



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