Sophia Loren: Iconic Sex Symbol

Sophia Loren was born on September 20, 1934 in Rome, Italy. Her parents never married and her mother moved to a small town near Naples where her grandmother agreed to help the family. Loren gained a scar on her chin when she was hit with shrapnel during World War II. She entered a beauty contest at the age of 14, which increased her interest in the spotlight and led to her enrolling in acting classes.

Loren continued entering beauty contests and in 1950 met her future husband at one of them. Carlo Ponti was a divorced judge at the contest and the two married in 1957. Unfortunately he never finalized his divorce and the two were forced to annul their marriage in 1962. Four years later after his divorce was finalized, the two were married again and had two children. She gained fame by acting in bit parts during the early 1950s and by the end of the decade, was a fairly large star in Hollywood. By 1960 she was the proud winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Two Women.

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Loren still remains a great beauty today. Men half her age fantasize about dating her, but she’s happy with her life and her husband. As a grandmother living in Italy, she’s very selective about the roles she now takes, but she’s active in charity work and still takes on roles occasionally.

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