Staying Close in Long Distance Relationships

For many people, relationships are a very important aspect of their lives. The search for that special someone is often fraught with many good and bad experiences. When one finds someone with whom they have a connection, it's not something to take lightly. When a couple lives in the same city, spending quality time together typically isn't a problem. Even couples who live in different cities can easily find a way to regularly meet and create valuable moments together, if they are still within a close distance to one another. Unfortunately, when a couple does not live near one another, but decides to have a relationship, difficulties often arise. The problem with being unable to see, touch, and date regularly can create a disconnect between two people that may hinder their ability to further bond and thus their relationship's ability to grow. For some people, a long distance relationship can cause enough of a problem that feelings begin to fade to the point that the couple goes their separate ways. Fortunately, the decision to try a long distance relationship isn't automatically doomed for failure. Modern technology has introduced many ways for people to bridge the gap created by land and even sea.

Long distance couples may be separated by several states, a country, or even an ocean. Going on a traditional date is not an option, unless there is adequate time and money for travel. The Internet provides a convenient alternative for couples to date without these restrictions. For example, couples may not be able to go together to the movie theater for the latest release, but they can share favorite movies courtesy of various applications and websites. Depending on what is used the couple may be able to create a room to watch and control the video privately and together. Other dating options that are possible for long-distant relationships include karaoke singing or simply listening to and enjoying music together or even with another couple.

In addition to date night activity, people who are in long distance relationships can also regularly communicate with one another without having to worry about an expensive phone bill. There are many popular applications that allow people to talk with one another, regardless of whether they live across the country from each other or in another country altogether. In most cases, the couple will need to both have and communicate through the app to save money. These types of applications most often can be installed on one's smartphone and some may allow installation on one's computer or laptop. Another benefit of using these types of applications is that many allow the users to see each other as they speak, provided they have cameras on their phones. Text messaging is another way to keep the doors of communication open. Couples can use the texting features on their phone or smart phone or for privacy they can download special applications that allow them to keep their intimate conversations completely private.

When two people do not live near one another, it is also important to remember special dates, such as birthdays and anniversaries. Because couples can go a long time before seeing one another, sending simple, yet thoughtful notes is also helpful. Keeping the doors of communication and interest open and healthy can involve something as simple as sending a brief note or a more fancy text "cards" or love notes via smartphone. Photographs are glimpses into one's daily life and are a great way for couples to share one's time. Photos can be shared in special online albums or sites that can be made private or public, or they can be sent directly to one's phone.

While planning online dates and sending thoughtful notes are all important, the most difficult part of a long distance relationship may be the day to day things. When couples live in the same city, they are able to share daily details of their lives with one another that can be hard when there is a so much distance between them. Although surprise or impromptu visits may be impossible, technology allows couples to share where they'll be during the day and what they plan on doing. Couples can also organize and balance their schedules together.

Long distance relationships can be hard for many couples, but when dating someone special the effort is often worth it. The key to enduring the pressure that distance creates is to plan and share moments. These moments can be conversations about daily life, politics, or funny moments that occur in one's life. Courtesy of technology, couples can interact with one another in fun ways and plan private dates that bring them closer and allow them to feel more connected.

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