STD Prevention Resource Page

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are diseases which are caught through unprotected sexual contact. These diseases include, but are not limited to, syphilis, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, genital warts and genital herpes.

Complications from STDs can include infertility or complications with pregnancy, the chance that the newborn may beco infected, certain types of cervical cancer, and in the cases of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C, death can occur.


Facts:  The Center for Disease Control provides facts on syphilis, its causes, and treatment.

Complications:  The Mayo Clinic website offers information on the complications of syphilis that can occur if it is left untreated or if it enters other stages.

Understanding:  This website helps you to better understand the complications of syphilis and what might happen as a result.

Stages:  Syphilis has three main stages. Each one is explained in this article.

Technical Information:  Very technical and clinical information, intended for medical students and/or professionals. It also deals with syphilis when contracted in conjunction with HIV.


Symptoms:  This website gives an explanation of the symptoms and treatments for gonorrhea. It also explains how it got its rather crude nickname.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease:  Gives a brief explanation of gonorrhea and how it can result in pelvic inflammatory disease in women if left untreated.

Statistics:  This gives some statistics on demographics of those infected and success of treatment.

Throat:  Explains how gonorrhea can affect other areas of the body, including the throat.

Teens:  This website is geared toward children and teenagers. It gives advice on gonorrhea, how you can catch it, and how you can’t catch it.


Chlamydia at a Glance: Planned Parenthood offers short, easy-to-read facts on Chlamydia.

American Social Health Association: The website sponsored by this organization gives very detailed information on Chlamydia. It contains a great number of facts that can be extremely helpful.

FAQs:  This web page gives answers to frequently asked questions about Chlamydia. You can choose from a number of questions.

Men and Women:  This website breaks the information on Chlamydia down into how it affects both men and women.

Bacteriology:  This is a chapter from a medical book that gives detailed medical information on Chlamydia. The terms and writing are very technical in nature.


Access:  This website provides access to U.S. Government HIV/AIDS information.

Holistic:  This website offers free information, and also provides some insight into holistic medicine and HIV/AIDS. It is very detailed, and uses some scientific and medical terms in certain places.

Hepatitis C

Question/Answer format:  The information provided on this website is in a question/answer format that is very easy to access and read.

Source of infection:  This website explains how it is sometimes impossible to tell what caused a Hepatitis C infection to occur.

Genital WartsZimbra Collaboration Suite Log In

What you Need to Know:  Presents the facts about Genital Warts in a clear, concise form, and gives you an opportunity to contact them for more information or if you have further questions.

Pregnancy:  This website gives information on what can happen if you are or become pregnant and contract genital warts.

Genital Herpes

Living with Genital Herpes:  This website offers several articles on Genital Herpes, including recognizing the signs and the types of treatment available.

Peer-Reviewed Journal:  This is the American Academy of Family Physicians’ website. The information here is very technical and intended for physicians and other medical personnel.

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