Stories of Zen

Zen is a form of Buddhism that places emphasis on attaining awakening or the “path of enlightenment.” It’s used as a method of trying to discover the true meaning of life. Zen teaches its followers to strip away their “layers” – their expectations, opinions and even beliefs – so that they can see the truth of who they really are and what they really want in their lives. Zen encourages its practitioners to meditate to find their “Buddha-nature.” It teaches that Buddha-nature is a natural state of wisdom and virtue that everyone has inside of them. Zen stories, or "koans", are told with the express purpose of trying to get the listener to open their mind to the possibilities that life offers whether it involves dating or money, exploring possibilities that they themselves have never considered. 

Below are links to some of the most well-known Zen stories. 

All of these stories represent the Zen philosophy and teach very important lessons. They also show that life’s real pleasures are the simplest things.

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