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Capturing the heart of a geeky girl can be a tricky venture that requires time and patience. But once you win her over, you'll find that it was well worth the effort.

One of the main characteristics of a geeky girl is that she knows her own mind. She's figured out what her interests are and she pursues them regardless of anyone's opinions. It doesn't matter if her interest is in writing poetry, designing a computer program, or rebuilding a car engine, she follows her passions wherever they lead her. This quality of independence is one of the reasons geeky girls are so attractive to all sorts of guys. They admire a geeky girl for not going along with the crowd because it's the easiest thing to do.

Where to find a geeky girl

Though geeky girls have a wide range of interests, some of them have been labeled geeky because they nurture their intellectual side. A few of the traditional places where you're likely to find geeky girls are the library, the bookstore or a café with Internet access. If there is one place where you're sure to find a wide variety of geeky girls it's the Internet. Online chat rooms that discuss science fiction movies and books, or the newest computer programs are sure to be swarming with geeky girls. All you have to do is make a comment about the latest science fiction novel and you'll have the geeky girls furiously typing their replies to you.

How to get the attention of a geeky girl and keep it

When you do spot a geeky girl that you're interested in, a funny pick up line may be just the thing to pique her curiosity about you. A geeky girl is serious about her intellectual interests but not so much that she doesn't enjoy a goofy laugh once in awhile. Try out some computer related pick up lines such as, "Hey, we can make beautiful .wav files together." Or, "Every so often two numbers meet, link, and become forever binary." A geeky girl will appreciate hearing a pick up line in computer-speak. Another way to get a geeky girl's attention is to show off your knowledge of the latest computer programs and gadgets. A shared interest in computer software is sure to keep a geeky girl's eyes on you. Or, if you are in the library pull out the latest sci-fi novel and start reading. A geeky girl wandering the stacks is sure to take notice.

Once you've corralled a geeky girl's attention, you have to figure out ways to keep it. The best way is to do some research on the things that interest her. For instance, if she's interested in the details of every character who ever stepped onto the Starship Enterprise, make it your goal in life to memorize every character's biography. Nothing will impress her more than hearing you say, "Gastah nug?" She will understand, of course, that in Klingon speak that means, "What's happening?" If she has an interest in vintage computer or video games get your hands on an old game system and surprise her one evening with a game of Ms. Pacman. The more effort you make to learn about her interests, the more appreciated you'll be.

Ways to make yourself appealing to a geeky girl

A geeky girl is looking for a guy who appreciates technology. If you want to communicate with her an email or text message is the best way to go. In other words, you may not get very far with a hand written note to her but an e-card would go over big. A geeky girl also appreciates technology-related gifts such as a new iPod or a goofy video you created and emailed to her. A geeky girl also likes to hear encouraging words about her projects. Perhaps she is working on creating a website or is writing a science fiction story. A sincere word of encouragement to her will communicate that you care about the things she enjoys.

Behaviors to avoid when dating a geeky girl

A geeky girl may interpret a suggestion you make about her personal appearance as a criticism. For instance, a guy should not tell a geeky girl who wears glasses that she should consider contact lenses. Though he may think he is being complimentary about her eyes, she may consider her glasses part of her style. It's best to appreciate her just as she is. Secondly, a guy should avoid making unflattering comments about her friends. Chances are they are geeky girls too and she may take a criticism of them as an attack on her. Third, be supportive of her hobbies. If she practices the piano for four hours a day take the time to admire her discipline. Don't be tempted to criticize the efforts she puts into her hobbies even though you'd like her to spend the time with you. Geeky girls throw their efforts into whatever pursuits they love.

The stereotype of a geeky girl

Geeky girls are often portrayed as only being interested in computers or reading science fiction. It's true that a lot of geeky girls are interested in technology and reading, but to assume they have no other interests is unfair. If a guy wants to have a relationship with a geeky girl he has to remember that she is an individual. One day she may spend hours communicating with others in online chat rooms. The next day you might find her bicycling in the park. A geeky girl may spend her summer reading every book in her favorite science fiction series. The following autumn she may decide to read only mystery novels. Half the fun of dating a geeky girl is discovering that she doesn't fit the stereotype.

Things you should avoid saying to a geeky girl

Because a geeky girl knows her own mind, there are some things that a guy who is interested in her should never say. For instance, a guy should never tell a geeky girl that she needs to make more friends. A geeky girl usually has a small circle of friends and she considers the people she talks with in chat rooms to be her friends. Any suggestion that she should try to change her personality or become a different person is an insult to her. In addition, a guy should be careful when being critical of her work. Geeky girls appreciate constructive criticism, but just saying something stinks may not go over well. Offering a suggestion to improve such as "Hey, that green looks a little bit pukey, maybe try this one instead?" would be better than just saying "That green makes your website look like barf". A geeky girl is very protective of her creative projects especially when they are computer-related. She doesn't want you to lie to her, but flaming her project is never the answer and will probably leave you crying like a baby once she finishes with you.

A geeky girl is a combination of many worthwhile qualities. She will only consider dating a guy who is willing to respect and love her spirit of individuality.

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