Teens and Peer Pressure

Being a teenager can be extremely difficult in today's world. When children are between the ages of thirteen and nineteen, they face a tremendous amount of pressure and choices. In this age group, children start to face the challenges of adulthood and begin the process of being adults. Decisions such as career paths, college choices, boyfriends, girlfriends and a number of other challenges face teens. However, the road to adulthood is also filled with obstacles and potential dangers.

One of the biggest challenges that teenagers face is the problem of peer pressure. During this age group teens face a great deal of pressure from other teenagers to do things. Peers will often make other teens feel guilty and not fitting in, thereby pressuring them to do things they might not normally do. This peer pressure is in many different forms and in many different directions. In today's world teens face pressure from their peers with smoking, drugs, having sex and underage drinking. Teens need to have a great deal of willpower to ignore these pressures from others.

We hope that this guide will be helpful for all teenagers to use. The following resources will be helpful in understanding the pressure that teens feel from other teens. In addition, the following information can be used by parents of teenagers to learn about peer pressure and how to deal with these influences. 

Teens and Smoking

  • Marijuana Facts for Teens - informative government site aimed at teenagers telling about the dangers of smoking.
  • Quiting Smoking - helpful resource for teens assisting them in quitting smoking.
  • Teenage Smoking - government testimony about the problem of teenage smoking.
  • Teenagers and Smoking Risks - useful web site discussing the dangers for teenagers about smoking.
  • Tobacco and Kids - information on the problems of tobacco smoking among teenagers.
  • Advertising and Teens - site outlining the effects that advertising has on the typical teenager and how it changes their viewpoint on smoking.

Teens and Drugs

Teens and Sex

  • Teenage Sexual Behavior - information on the behavior and habits of teens with regards to sex.
  • Teens and Sex - site providing information on how parent should talk about sex with your teenagers.
  • Teen Peer Pressure - useful information on helping teens deal with peer pressure concerning sex.
  • Teen Aware - discussion on how teens can effectively handle various types of peer pressure.

Teens and Underage Drinking

Types of Peer Pressure

Parents Guide

We hope the information on our site was helpful to you in learning more about the problems with peer pressure. Feel free to refer to this article in the future.

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