The AIDS Resource List

HIV and AIDS are two of the most devastating diseases in the entire world. Every day, 7,000 people are newly diagnosed with HIV and 6,000 die of AIDS. HIV and AIDS are not the same disease. HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, is a virus that leads to AIDS, or Acquired Immunodeficiency Disorder. AIDS destroys a person’s immune system, making it possible for something as simple as the flu to develop into something life-threatening. People do not die from AIDS – they die from “AIDS-related diseases.” In other words, they catch HIV, which leads to AIDS. After their immune system is broken down, they are vulnerable to common diseases which can kill them.

While this resource is intended to help those suffering from HIV/AIDS, it’s not meant to take the place of a trained medical professional. For those who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, it’s best to get advice from a qualified doctor!

AIDS Information

  • : Explains AIDS in detail. It tells about how someone can contract it and offers advice about how to deal with it.

  • AIDS Medical Overview : Discusses the medical overview of AIDS – what it is, where it comes from, what it’s scientifically called, etc.

  • AIDS Info : Provides information on how to treat AIDS, the drugs, and vaccines used to combat it. Also offers information on clinical trials currently conducted for new drugs.

  • CDC AIDS Page : Has many valuable resources including fact sheets, brochures, and other information.

  • AVERT : Provides information about AIDS and ways to prevent someone from catching the virus.

  • AIDS Myths : Dedicated to debunking the common misconceptions about AIDS.

AIDS Advancements

Charity Organizations

  • UN AIDS : The United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS that’s devoted to helping people all over the world cope with the disease.

  • Fight AIDS @ Home : Charitable organization that encourages people to help combat AIDS with their computers.

  • ACET International : An international charity dedicated to helping treat AIDS all over the world.

  • ProductRed : Organization that allows someone to buy specific products to directly help the organization fight AIDS in Africa.

  • Directory of AIDS Charities : Has links to many more reputable AIDS charities around the world along with a ranking system.

  • AIDS Prevention Organization : An organization dedicated to preventing the spread of AIDS.


Practicing Safe-Sex

Other Important Sites

  • : Government page about AIDS. Has information about AIDS as well as information about prevention, education, treatment, and care.

  • The Body : Devoted entirely to AIDS and AIDS research. Contains up-to-date news on everything from new medicines to side-effects of old medications.

  • AIDS Treatment : Discusses treatments available for AIDS.

  • Signs And Symptoms Of AIDS : Describes the signs and symptoms of AIDS.

  • AIDS News : Dedicated to maintaining up-to-date news on AIDS.

There is hope for people living with HIV/AIDS. The above resources can help someone cope with the disease better.

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