The Facts About Impotence

Impotence affects approximately 11 percent of the male population, and this number only indicates those who seek treatment for the condition. If you are struggling with impotence, keep in mind that it does not have to affect your dating life. With modern medical advancements available, this condition is treatable, allowing men to enjoy a healthy romantic relationship in spite of the condition.


Sadly, impotence is a condition surrounded with misconceptions. For example, many think that impotence is a psychological. This is not true, because the condition is a normal part of the aging process for most men. It can also occur due to injury or other medical conditions. Also, the condition is not permanent; treatments are available.

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The most common cause of impotence is aging. As a man ages, blood flow to the reproductive organs is reduced, making attaining an erection more difficult. However, other causes are possible, including injury to the pelvis, nerve damage (such as occurs after prostate surgery), other health conditions like hypertension or diabetes, hormonal imbalances, psychological issues, peyronie's disease and vascular disease.

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Impotence, while a natural part of the aging process, is treatable. Many cases of impotence are treated with drugs like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. These drugs inhibit specific enzymes in the body, which causes more blood to flow to the male reproductive organs, allowing an erection to occur. Erectile dysfunction cases that do not respond to medication may be treated with penile implants, which are either firm rods or inflatable devices placed inside the penis to allow an artificial erection. Sometimes the condition is treated by treating the underlying medical condition. A vacuum pump provides a less invasive option for creating an artificial erection. Self-injection therapy allows the man and his partner to inject a small amount of medication into the penis in order to create an erection during intercourse. Those who prefer not to use needles may respond to intraurethral pellet therapy, wherein a tiny pellet of medication is placed into the urethra to create an erection. Physiological treatment works for non-medical impotence.

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