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Flamenco music is a genre of music that originated from the Andalusia region in Spain. Although it’s mostly associated with dancing, it’s actually both a type of music and a type of dance that includes complex audible footwork. The word Flamenco, which didn’t come into use until the 19th century, is actually associated with music, dancing, and the guitar. The evolution of Flamenco music was actually influenced by four separate cultures: the Gypsies, the Arabs, the Jews, and the indigenous Andalusians in the 16th century. Guitar was added to the music later.

It wasn’t until the 19th century that Flamenco became popular when people would watch small groups of performers in small cafes. From there, it evolved into a full-fledged cultural dance which spread out from Andalusia and into the rest of the country. Less is known about Flamenco dancing’s origins, although the dancing mimics elements seen in East Indian dances which can be explained by its Arab influence. It was during this time that Flamenco music began to spread into Europe, going as far as Russia. The early 1900s saw a period of decline for Flamenco until the “theatrical period” began in 1922. Shows moved to larger venues and Flamenco itself began to evolve and take on influences from other music genres as artists explored the possibilities. Today, Flamenco is enjoying popularity all over the world. In Spain, young people would go watch Flamenco performances when they’re dating. In the US, Flamenco dancing and music is growing in popularity.

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