The Guide to Dating a Geeky Guy

Now that you’ve gotten tired of the Mr. Right who turned out to be Mr. Not-So-Right-At-All, why not consider that shy guy in that little nook who is currently so engrossed in his computer screen he's oblivious to the world around him? Yeah, that geek guy!

Why Geeky Guys are Great

They may not be the captain of the basketball team that most girls are after, but there are a thousand and one reasons why ladies should go for a geek. The most important point of all is that not every girl is after them since they aren't the typical handsome jock, so it's unlikely you'll be faced with much competition, and even more unlikely anyone is going to try to steal him from you. It’s also no easy task to steal a geek if someone does try so you have little to worry about. Geek guys are usually loyal to their girls the way they’re loyal to their Xbox or Star Trek action figures. Because of their individuality, their sense of romance may be just as unique, so you should be ready to be awed by their cute and honest expression of love, which you surely won’t get from that too-much-of-himself thug that you used to date. Of course, they’re smart too. Now, who wouldn’t love that? Now are you ready to get started on looking for that perfect geeky boyfriend?

Does Star Trek matter to geek boys?

To say that Star Trek matters to a geek boy is an understatement. Star Trek is life to geeks, so you should get used to it and try loving it too. They know everything from the history to the latest installment on the widescreen. You may get lost when you're boy tries telling you he loves you in Vulcan or starts to babble on about whatever killed Spock, but you’ll get a hang of it sooner or later.

How do I find a Geeky Boy?

Your geeky lover boy may be just around the corner, and they are not hard to spot. They tend to lurk by themselves or with their other geeky buddies talking about the latest episode of their geeky shows like Doctor Who or playing Dungeons and Dragons. Geeky guys also usually have a somewhat different fashion statement... one that says that dressing only means covering their naked selves. It's a good chance that planning their outfit for the day consisted of grabbing the first thing they came across and throwing it on without a second thought. They don’t really care about physical appearance, but that doesn't mean they can't look nice if they want to.

The best places to spot a geeky guy are Internet cafés, computer shops, libraries, and on that little and unassuming nook in the coffee shop where his face is literally pasted to his laptop’s monitor. But the perfect place to meet a geek boy is to get inside his cyberworld. You can try meeting them in chatrooms or on a dating site, because there is a good chance they may be too shy to talk to you in person at first.

I found him! Now what?

Since a geek boy is naturally shy and aloof, he usually does not make the first move, so be prepared to approach him first. Although a geek guy is naturally intelligent, he can be slow in picking up the signals that you are trying to transmit, so try opening up to them slowly, carefully, meticulously, and strategically. He’ll get the point soon enough. If you've been together awhile and he still hasn't kissed you, don't be afraid to take matters into your own hands.

My geek has some strange views on how the world works... is this normal?

He’s weird, but he makes sense in the end, after much brooding and explanation. Since he is a scientist in the making, or a frustrated one, you may get a bit confused by his ideas and his ways of solving problems, but it’s his way and it’s normal. In the least, it’s normal for a geek like him.

Getting along with his geek friends

If you’re getting along well with him and you are finally getting to understand his interests, it’s not hard to get inside his world and hang out with his friends. Just a few bits of knowledge on their interests and hobbies and a little innocence can be cute to them. It also doesn't hurt to brush up on their favorite shows and games. Learn to play games like Dungeons and Dragons, Magic, or World if Warcraft and you'll be a part of their group in no time.

Geeky habits... can they be broken?

Geeks are peculiar people, and they have some annoying or unusual habits that may put some girls off. His ways may be different from the ways of ordinary folks, but that and everything else about him makes him special. He was a geek before you met him and will continue to be one no matter what, so why try to change him now? You may even find his geeky habits adorable as you get to know him better.

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