The History of Condoms

Where would dating be without condoms? They offer a safer version of intercourse and their history is fairly interesting too. Historians believe that Egyptians used something similar to a condom around 1,000 BC. This took the form of a linen sheath and they believed that it kept them safe from disease. Historians have also found evidence that Europeans living in France used condoms as did ancient Romans around 200 AD.

The widespread use of condoms came about in the 1500s. At the time Europe was watching a widespread outbreak of syphilis. Gabrielle Fallopius did some research and discovered that a thin linen sheath could protect the wearer against syphilis. During the same century researchers used the first type of spermicide by specially treating the linen with chemicals before it was worn.

In 1706 the word condom was used to describe this linen piece. There are some who believe the name came from a doctor by the name of Condom who created one in the hopes of reducing the amount of unmarried pregnancies in England. In the same century some stores began selling condoms created from cat or dog intestines. There were even sellers specializing in making condoms by hand.

By the middle of the 19th century condoms were manufactured and sold in America. This condom was often made of rubber cement, but then a man in Ohio created a latex condom made with rubber latex. It didn’t take long for these thinner and more efficient condoms to catch on. By 1957 innovations in the field of condoms allowed for Durex to release a condom with lubrication.

The use of condoms died off during the 1960s and 1970s as other forms of birth control caught on. The use of the birth control pill, IUD and other options were far more popular. When the spread of HIV jumped to the forefront during the 1980s, people realized that safe sex meant more than just preventing pregnancy and condoms once again returned to the mainstream.

Today there are literally hundreds of different condoms available, including flavored, colored and even glow in the dark. They now come in different sizes and shapes, to fit properly. Condoms are 99.9% effective when used properly, but there’s always the risk of not using one properly. There’s also the risk that the condom might slip or break during intercourse.

If the condom breaks, the first thing to do is remain calm. As soon as possible both halves of the couple should seek medical attention and tell the doctor what happened. The doctor can not only test for pregnancy, but also sexually transmitted diseases. Those who start worrying right away may experience stress or mental problems before they have the chance to see a doctor.

Resources on condoms include:

Condoms are available online and in stores around the world. Pharmacies, mass merchandise stores like Target and Wal-Mart and even grocery stores sell them. They’re also available from gas stations, bathrooms and even some vending machines. The price varies, but is generally less than $10 for a box with multiple condoms inside. It’s a small price to pay for piece of mind and safer sex.

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