The History of Women in Philosophy

Women haven't always been for widely accepted in the sciences. Despite being told their place was in the home, many women throughout history rejected that notion and ended up making some extraordinary advances in all of the fields of science. The following are some of the greatest women in the history of the science of philosophy.


Themistoclea - known as the first female philosopher, she is widely thought to have taught Pythagoras

Perictione I  - authored the book  On The Harmony of Women

Theano of Crotona - wrote about balance and harmony of the earth

Theano II  - philosophized about women's duties

Diotima of Mantinea - considered to be one of the most influential women in philosophy, she taught Socrates

Aspasia of Miletus - is mentioned in the works of philosophers such as Xenophon , Socraticus, Aeschines, Antisthenes , and Plato

Aesara of Lucania - wrote a philosophical book about human nature

Hypatia of Alexandria  - known for her work with mathematics

Asclepigenia of Athens - worked in mysticism

Arete of Cyrene - known as a natural philosopher

Julia Domna - wife of a roman emperor who supported philosophy and the arts

Middle Ages

Radegund - founded The Covent of Our Lady of Poitiers

Saint Hilda - founded the Monastery at Whitby

Heloise - well educated woman known for her philosophic correspondences with Abelard

The Renaissance

Saint Teresa of Avila  - philosophized on the ascent of the soul

Birgitta of Sweden - best known for writing books about her mystical visions of Mary and Jesus

Julian of Norwich - had fifteen visions which lead to her philosophizing on the Passion of the Christ and wrote a book called Revelations of Divine Love

Catherine of Siena - known for her religious philosophy work

Christine de Pisan - wrote The Fayttes of Armes and is known for being well educated in philosophy, literature, science and latin

Marie le Jars de Gournay  - writer of novels and feminist essays

Jeanna Marie Bouvier de la Motte Guyon - french mystic

Antoinette Bourignion - religious philosopher

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