The Legend of the Woman in the Moon

Many people are familiar with the man in the moon. When dating, people often like to gaze up at the moon and stars. The woman in the moon is an image that is actually easier to spot, but less often talked about than her male counterpart. This lovely image can often be seen between the first quarter and the full moon. With binoculars, she is much easier to spot. The many seas of the moon form her hair. They look dark on the surface of the moon, and combined they give the look of long, flowing locks. Some other seas on the moon such as the Sea of Vapor, Sea of Clouds, and Seething Bay form her eye, nose, and chin.

There have been many legends about the woman in the moon. One of the most common is that she was created to become a friend and partner to the man in the moon because he was lonely. Another Native American legend says that the woman in the moon came down one night to help rescue a mother and her village from starvation. The legend says that the woman came down as a glowing light and taught the villagers how to grow crops and sing songs to help their children go to sleep at night. China also has its own legend about her. It said that a dog from hell attempted to attack both the sun and the moon. But their power was much too strong, and they defeated the dog. Of course, this is not the only Chinese legend about the woman in the moon; there are many romantic stories about her.

There have been books written about the woman in the moon. Many authors choose to write about her because she often goes unnoticed. It is important for children and adults to see her beauty, especially since she is sometimes forgotten. Some of the more well known legends about her come from ancient Rome. The Romans named her Selene or Lune, and believed that she was partners with the sun. At night, when the sun rested, she would take over to light the earth. It was believed that she was passionate and had many different lovers, but her true loyalty remained with the sun. All of these myths show that the moon represents both sexes, and that its beauty and strength lasts forever.

One interesting thing about the woman in the moon is that she is completely open to interpretation. Her image may seem to be more detailed to one person, while a little more vague to others. The shape of her hair and face can change every night. It really depends on how the light hits the side of the moon and what kind of viewing equipment is available. Once someone spots her, she is much easier to find each and every time the moon is out. This lovely lady is a wonderful companion to the man in the moon, and it is reassuring to know he is not all alone out there in outer space.

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