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While most everyone understands the concept of rape, domestic violence and abuse, most people associate these problems with women. Unfortunately, they can also occur among the male population. In fact, there are many more cases than are known concerning domestic violence against men, charges of rape, molestation cases, and the like. Additionally, fathers who are going through a divorce or separation may need help when it comes to dealing with custody issues.

Domestic Violence / Battered Men

Domestic violence does not happen to just women. It can happen towards men, whether they are simply dating a person or married to them. While there are thousands of cases of battered men, the true number may never be known as many men will not report the abuse or seek help.

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False Rape, Abuse and Molestation Reports

One issue that many men have to suffer through is women who falsely accuse them of issues such as rape, abuse and molestation. Allegations that are false can ruin both a man’s life and career, and can even put them on a sexual predator list. While there are things to do if falsely accused of such a horrendous crime, it can be difficult to erase the stigma once it is attached.

  • False Rape Information and public awareness of the ramifications of false rape cases
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Fatherhood and Fatherlessness

Men who become fathers may feel that they cannot handle the responsibility, and end up abandoning their kids. Kids who grow up fatherless may have abandonment issues, troubles in school and other problems.

Parental Custody

Custody battles are hard on everyone involved, and fathers are no different. Many people assume that when a divorce happens, that the mother will automatically get custody of the kids, but fathers have rights, too. Custody issues can be even more of a struggle once dating relationships comes into play, so it is best to arm yourself with knowledge of your rights.

  • Winning Custody: Inspirational guide for fathers in child custody battles, tips to help you in your quest for parental rights.

Rape, Violence and Abuse

When the subject of rape comes up, some people may assume that a woman is the victim. But there are many cases of rape and sexual abuse among the male population. Many times these incidents are left unreported. Abuse and violence towards men is an all-too real thing, and one that needs to come out in the open so the public has a better understanding of the issue.

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  • DAHMW: Domestic abuse hotline for men and women

Unkind Attitudes Towards Men

With so much violence in the world, it is no surprise that there are many people who harbor a general dislike for men . There is even a word for the hatred of men, called misandry.

  • Wikipedia: Definition of misandry, the hatred of men
  • DADI: List of legal and social sanctions towards men

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment towards men is another issue that many men must deal with, especially in the workplace. While there are many rules in place in almost all career fields, sexual harassment towards people of the male population is sometimes not taken as seriously it should be.

  • Smashits: Sexual harassment articles and information
  • Brown: Male survivors of sexual abuse

Many men have issues that they have to deal with, such as rape, custody battles and sexual harassment from women and other men. Knowing what to do and where to go for help can make a world of difference if these issues do arise.

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