The Smiley Dictionary

Emoticons are a quick way to show a representation of what a writer’s emotion is so the reader can better understand the feelings being expressed. Emoticons are used for communication in online games, text messages, instant messengers, dating sites, and forums.

Emoticon Resources

Helwig's Smiley Dictionary
A list converted to html definitions

Smiley World
Icons sorted by category

Net Lingo
A compilation of smiley emoticons, and straight-on smiley’s (assicons, boobicons)

EFF’s Unofficial Smiley Dictionary
Directory of smiley resources

AIM Smiley Dictionary
AIM’s traditional smiley’s and Monkey Around smiley’s

Kmarsh’s Unofficial Smiley Dictionary
Free list of smiley’s and explanations

Our-Kids Smiley Dictionary
Kid friendly smile’s

Planet Pals Smiley Dictionary
Fun smiley’s

Elizabeth's smiley face dictionary
Smiley Chart
Humorous Smiley’s

Seek Wellness
Smiley’s and Acronyms Dictionary

Owain F. Carter’s Unofficial Smiley Dictionary
Smiley’s of Humor

Answers 4 Families
List of Smiley’s

Asian Smiley’s
Asian Smiley’s

Internet Relay Chat
Smiley’s for Relay Chat

Smiley Dictionary
Smiley Dictionary

Bert’s Extra Junky Pages
Extra Fun Junky Pages

The Mental Health Smiley Dictionary
Mental Health Smiley’s

Glitter Girl
Basic Smiley’s

Sweet IM Smiley
Romance Smiley’s

Blifaloo Smiley Dictionary
Temporary Boredom Relief

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