The Social Research Resource Page

Sociology, social anthropology and social psychology are all encompassed under the heading of Social Research. Social researchers, or Sociologists, research a wide range of topics with one goal in mind: to find a better understanding of social life. A social scientist could be researching anything from differences between men and women in the workplace to interactions between couples in a new relationship compared to couples married for 20 years. Sociology is a wide ranging subject with a wide ranging array of resources. The following is a list of resources aimed at helping even the least experienced social scientist.

Social Science Publications

  1. Yale Journal of Sociology

  2. The Electronic Journal of Sociology

  3. The Morbidity and Morality Weekly Report

  4. The Journal of Statistics Education

  5. The Canadian Journal of Sociology

Data Information

  1. The United State Census Bureau

  2. Nation Master(World Statistics)

  3. International Statistical Agencies

  4. Population Statistics

  5. Bureau of Labor Statistics

  6. Teen Dating Statistics

  7. Marriage and Divorce Statistics

  8. Pregnancy Statistics

  9. Social Science Data Labratory

  10. Native American Sociology

  11. Urban & Ethnic Sociology

  12. Immigration Statistics

  13. Drug Addiction Statistics

  14. Crime & Victim Statistics

  15. Alcohol Addiction Statistics

  16. Driving Research & Statistics

Research Organizations

  1. American Federation for Aging Research

  2. Rand Corporation

  3. CUNY Institute for Demographic Research

  4. University of Michigan-Population Studies Center

  5. Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities

  6. Cornell Gerontology Research Institute

  7. Berkeley's Online Dating Research

  8. Bowling Green State University's Family & Marriage Research Center

  9. Canada's Environmental Criminology Research

  10. The Criminology Research Project

  11. The American Way of Choice (Pop culture statistics)

University Departments of Sociology

  1. Cornell University

  2. Princeton University

  3. Stanford University

  4. University of Washington

  5. University of Toronto

  6. Columbia University

  7. Duke University

  8. Northwestern University

  9. Iowa State

  10. University of York

  11. University of Surrey

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