The Stages of Pregnancy

In the span of nine months, a pregnant woman experiences a number of changes both physically and emotionally. Understandably, most women who become pregnant for the first time are excited as well as anxious. Oftentimes, it's helpful as well as comforting for a woman to know what is going on inside her body during each stage of her pregnancy. The following offers a bit of information regarding the physical changes that a woman experiences during each trimester of her pregnancy. Also, she can learn about growth of her baby as her pregnancy progresses.

First Trimester (Week One-Week 12)

Many women don't discover they are pregnant until the fourth or fifth week of the baby's development. By that time, the embryo in her womb has begun to form many layers of cells that will develop into the baby's organs, bones, muscles, and skin. The brain and spinal cord also begin to form. During this stage of pregnancy, the baby's heart starts to beat. A pregnant woman in these early weeks of pregnancy may feel nauseous or queasy. Many women experience this nausea at various times throughout the day; not just in the morning. A woman will likely have to urinate more often because her uterus is growing and pressing on her bladder. She may also experience breast tenderness in her first trimester of pregnancy. 

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Second Trimester (Week 13-Week 28)

When a woman reaches her second trimester of pregnancy, her baby's arms have grown to almost full length. Also, an ultrasound technician should be able to tell parents whether it is a boy or a girl at around 14 weeks. A baby's bones are continuing to develop. In addition, some women feel a quickening, or movement, of the baby for the first time. At about week eighteen, it's possible that a baby can hear things around him or her. The second trimester is sometimes referred to as the 'golden trimester' because a woman's body has likely adapted to the pregnancy and she's feeling better. At this time, a woman continues to steadily gain weight each month and her breasts become larger in preparation for nursing.

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  • Second Trimester Stage of Pregnancy: Study information about what is going on during the second trimester of a pregnancy including why it is sometimes called the, 'golden trimester.'

Third Trimester (Week 29-Week 40)

The last trimester of a pregnancy is when the baby's development goes into high gear. A baby's brain is developing quickly. Bones are finished developing and his or her eyes open. A baby continues to gain weight and grow in length. Also, a baby's hair and nails form. A woman in her final stage of pregnancy may begin to feel tired more quickly. She may have also have backaches and perhaps heartburn. Though these are unpleasant physical symptoms, it's important for a woman to nurture a good attitude knowing that she is close to having her new baby.

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