The Truth About Human Pheromones

The existence of human pheromones has been debated in the scientific world for many years. There have been numerous studies on pheromones in mammals such as mice and rats but the possible existence of pheromones in humans brings to the surface many other issues. The idea that the attraction between a man and a woman is unknowingly affected by an undetectable odor is an intriguing notion.

A simple description of pheromones is that they are natural chemicals released by an organism that serve to attract the opposite sex. In fact, the Greek word pheromone means to transfer and excite. In animals, pheromones are used to establish territory and communicate sexual interest. Some scientists assert that there may be a connection between pheromones and human behavior. For instance, researchers at the Chemical Senses Center located in Philadelphia reported the existence of a pheromone called Androstenone found in the sweat of human males. They insist that this particular human pheromone is what draws females to males. Scientists at the University of Colorado took that data one step further by conducting a study on the way humans detect pheromones. They suggest that the Vemeronasal organ (VMO) buried in the nasal passage, picks up the scent of the pheromones and delivers that information to the brain. There have been further studies conducted that assert a relationship between pheromones and the menstrual cycle. In other words, the degree of influence held by the pheromones is more powerful at different times during a woman's monthly cycle. Though the existence of pheromones in all mammals is gaining credence, there are many questions still at work in the minds of scientists concerning women's pheromones and men's.

Because of the widely believed notion that the male pheromone overwhelms women with uncontrollable feelings of attraction there has been an explosion of male pheromone products. Many colognes and body sprays being sold today insist that they are the key to attracting any woman at any time. The link between these pheromone products and sexual attraction is an uncertain one. There are many variables to be considered. First, a woman must be very close to a man to pick up the scent of pheromones in his cologne or body spray. This means that he will have to first entice her with his personality in order to achieve a close proximity. A pheromone product will not cause her to fly across the room the moment he comes through the door. Another challenge that comes with a pheromone product is its mixture with other scents in a room. A sprayed on product is no guarantee of attraction.

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If the uncontrollable influence of human pheromones is definitively proven, men and women may wonder what choice they have when it comes to (dating). Though pheromones may affect the initial attraction between a woman and a man, the time they spend getting to know one another will be the final deciding factor.

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